高中优秀英语作文 篇1

  The Huang Mountain is a place of interest. here are lots of tourists seeing sights every day. Years ago, some of them paid no attention to environment protection. They threw about waste paper, plastic bags and tins. Besides, they killed animals, caught birds, destroyed trees and flowers. Worse still,

  they often made a fire to cook in the forest. That was dangerous. Changes have taken place now. When tourists leave, they take away rubbish with them. They no longer hunt animals. Plants are also protected. All the tourists carry their lunch in order not to start forest fire. We must sing high praise of the good deeds.

  高中优秀英语作文 篇2

  I like all kinds of outdoor sports.Such as playing table tennisbasketballclimbing the mountainstravellingreading books and so on.

  Of all the hobbiesI like traveling best.I often go to other provinces with my parents during the holiday.Last year we went to Emei and visited Yunan Provice.I can learn different culture and peole when I travel.I can taste lots of local foodtoo.

  on weekends I like playing basketball with my father or my friends.When I play basketballI forget all my worries and it can make me happy and keep fit.I want to be a basketball star like Yaoming.

  Hobbies are very inportand in our lives.When I am freeI like reading books.I get lots of knowledge from them.Books are like my good friends.

  高中优秀英语作文 篇3

  "Cough! As soon as I pushed open the kitchen door, I felt a sense of suffocation. Looking at the smoky room, I shrugged my shoulders and said, "dad, you're smoking again!"

  To be honest, I now have a strange fear of the word "smoke", but I have nothing to do with my dad. Although father does not often smoke, but the accumulation is much, smoking sooner or later will bring him harm! I really wonder, "smoking is harmful to health" this sentence is well known, even on cigarette packets such clues, but why everybody "stack" tiger, race "? Even if you don't think for yourself, think for others. Don't you know the dangers of secondhand smoke? Smoking is a harm to others.

  In order to awaken my father, I looked up the information and said:

  "Tobacco smoke contains at least three kinds of dangerous chemicals, tar, nicotine and carbon monoxide, tar is made up of several kinds of material blending material, will be condensed into a viscous material in the lungs. Smoked cigarettes, are addictive, smoked also want to suck. Tobacco combustion will produce large amounts of toxic substances, such as nicotine, carbon monoxide, tar and other harmful substances such as tar, carbon monoxide, nicotine and other harmful substances. They can cause nausea, dizziness, headache, you make our work efficiency to reduce. Nicotine just 10 seconds can be into your brain and make your heart beat faster, increase your risk of heart disease, at the same time make you cause withdrawal symptoms when you don't smoke. These substances in cigarettes not only can cause sore throat, bronchitis, and has a carcinogenic effect."

  Let's take a look at how smoking affects our daily lives. Smoking is a drug addiction. Why don't you open your sleepy eyes and see the truth? In addition, secondhand smoke is more dangerous than smoking:

  "According to the experimental results show that secondhand smoke affect to the body similar to smokers. For example: a themselves don't smoke, but the spouse smokers lung cancer . com incidence of a disease, a 20% increase in" 50%, life of innocent people in the secondhand smoke the cigar smoke, it attains the disease rate is 20% "30%. Certain people, such as women, because of the passive secondhand tobacco smoke the disease death is almost equal to smokers, 20xx, forty-eight thousand four hundred Chinese women lung cancer and ischemic heart disease deaths caused by exposure to secondhand smoke, and smoking causes the disease death for the initiative to forty-seven thousand three hundred the number of Chinese women. Smoking among men in the same year, one hundred and thirty-seven thousand people died of lung cancer and one hundred and ninety-one thousand people died in ischemic heart disease."

  Please take a closer look at these amazing figures. When I saw that, heart is does it one brace up, and then is full "smoke, smoke, smoke," I thought: if you still love your family, also care of your health, please put out hands are burning cigarette, when cannot help to myself.

  May 31 is world no tobacco day, I wish every day is no tobacco day, so we can be called "smoke-free society". Let us cherish life and stay away from cigarettes.

  高中优秀英语作文 篇4

  I heard a word"Don't give , just be you.Because life's too short tobe anybody else."I think whatthis word express is so yeah,so I wanna you to memorize it.

  Everyone has a beautiful dream and personal life principle.but on the way that we hunt for the keys of acheving our dreams,there are many difficulties appearing,thus,several timid men give in to them,one after another,some peaple lost their first dreams and even themselves.So!Many characters and pretty or handsome stars around us,we are obesessed with some of those,and even ad occean of peaple volunteer to imitate those idols.However,as we turn back,we will find in surprise,the tree is stillthe old tree,the house is still......the everything is still the same.We didn't change them a little.

  The same as our competitions,teachers always say:"You'd better read more essays and memorize some perfect or wonderful sentenses,it's helpfulfor your writing level."Well!I don't think so! Personally,I feel we must keep on our styles and priciple,due to this,when readers read our essays,they might learn about us better,therefore we will become happier to make thelife colorful and meaningful.So,I support that we read more books,rather than recite more essays.

  Being true to yourself implies if you are delighted,then you laugh,if you are sad,then you cry,don't hide your mood,do not be hypocritical.Go on your dream which is deep in your hear. You can't become the other like magic,because there is no such thing as magic in the wold,OK!Let's stand in front of the mirror,carefully look at ourselves.Say:Calm down.Don't get anything to bother your heart,just be true to yourself.

  高中优秀英语作文 篇5

  Last summer, my friend asked me to go to his hometown to spend the summervacation. I asked my parents for permission and they said yes.

  When I got to hisplace, I was so surprised because there was a beach near his house. It was sobeautiful, many kids played there. The water was so blue under the sunshine. Itwas so fun to swim in the water. In the morning, I woke up early and took a walkalong the beach, and I could hear the sea water's coming voice. I saw a lot ofpeople traveled here and took pictures. In the evening, when the sun was down,we played the games and sometimes we swam.

  It was such a good memory for me. Iliked the leisure lifestyle. When summer comes, I will always think of the happydays in the beach.

  高中优秀英语作文 篇6

  Everybody has his or her interest,and interests differ widely from personto person because of age,sex health and education.

  To some extent,interestalso reflects one's ability or wish. Interest plays an important part in ourdaily life. As a middle school student interest is of great importance in study.If you want to learn something well,you have to show interest in it,which isquite possible. Once you have found your way into the subject,you may have alsofound a world of curiosities.

  In our times,interest may not only result in skill and knowledge but alsolead to great inventions and discoveries. To be a successful person in the worldone should develop one's interest.

  高中优秀英语作文 篇7

  With the harsh competition in today's society, more and more peoplecomplain about their stress in their daily life. Stress mainly comes from ourwork, study and families. When we feel stressed, we often have bad moods on theday and can't sleep well at night. That's too bad for our health.

  To help easestress, some good ways are suggested. Firstly, we can chat with our parents andfriends. Maybe they can give us some good advice. Secondly, we ought to do someexercise, which can help us have a nice sleep at night.

  Moreover, we aresupposed to balance our life with more outdoor activities, so as to make ourlife more colorful and vivid.

  高中优秀英语作文 篇8

  Nowadays, divorce rate has been rising sharply in China, because mostpeople think that it's better to get divorced than stick to a bad marriage.

  Butfor those couples who have children, they had better think over before gettingdivorced. Parents' divorce may have some negative effects on their children.Firstly, the love of father is different from the love of mother. Children needboth of the love. Without each of the love, they may not grow up healthily.Secondly, in order to raise the family, the single parents have to work harder,so that they may have less time to accompany with their children.

  The childrenmay feel neglected, which may cause mental problems. Besides, if the singleparents get married again, the children may get hurt by calling another personfather or mother. If they can't get along well with each other, the situationwill become even worse. Thus, for the sake of their children, parents are notsupposed to get divorced in a rush. They should think twice.

  高中优秀英语作文 篇9

  Since I go to high school, I live in the school and stay away from myparents. I have three roommates, at the beginning, we have trouble in staying inthe same room, but now we have got used to it.

  One of my roommates impresses meso much, since she comes to our room, she keeps the habit of reading the novelwhen we go to bed. She told me that when she lived with her parents, she darednot to read it because her mother would blame her for sleeping late. Now she isvery happy that she is out of control, it seems that she is free. But I feelsorry for her, because she is short-sighted now, what’s more, she is laggingbehind other students in the study.

  Staying away from her parents, she is notstrong enough to behave herself. We should have the strong will and behaveourselves.

  高中优秀英语作文 篇10

  It goes without saying that english plays an important role in our modern society. english is an international language. wherever you go, you can hear english spoken by many people.

  From this point of view, it is true that english is important to our daily life. learning english is like learning to swim or learning to play ball. our primary trouble is that we have tackled the study of language from the wrong end. we are like theman who thinks he can learn to swim only by reading books about swimming. in actuality, we learn by doing. the grammatical rules are valuable as we plunge into the language and need some assistance. in the same way, advanced instructions about swimming are helpful as we learn something from actual experience in the water. but reading books never makes a swimmer and learning rules never makes a practical linguist. the regular procedure in learning english involves listening first, to be followed by speaking. then comes reading, and finally the writing of the language. the way you learn english is much the same as the way you learned your own language.

  First of all you must listen and then repeat and repeat until you can use the language easily. in other words, you have to build up language habits in english just as you build up english habits in your own language. to sum up, we must bear in mind that nobody can learn to swim for you. nobody can learn to play ball for you. nobody can learn english for you. it's up to you. you must learn for yourself and you will learn if you really want to and are willing to practice.