大学英语作文 篇1

  Advantage that attends the association is, in participate activity, can study to a lot of methods that be the person, the techniques that deal with affairs, observe and learn each other, develop own potential;Can become friends with many new friends, increase many new relations;Can extend the communication, share the joy of achievement with the public.Therefore is an able person more, the association that attend is more many, but also want to choose to choose sex of choose and study sex, have the new information and have the future, can have of association attend.

  Apply to join the society to a society how I should do, the society is doing. I have the right to benefit club activities can enrich our universities after-school life can increase my knowledge society

  We join associations can be a society with the community to maintain a bridge we need to society, its functions, as well as his role in the growth of our hobbies of knowledge and learn a lot of books there is no knowledge

  Societies in which I learned things, the growth of knowledge, so society is conducive to our development of college students, So I joined the association to promote 。

大学英语作文 篇2

  Yesterday, I broke a vase. This vase has been in my home for several years. I was afraid of being criticized. I didn’t dare to tell my parents. So I pretended nothing happened. But they discovered at last. It was strange that my father didn’t blame me, but teach me a lesson. He made me know that responsibility was necessary for everyone in the world. If a person was not responsible, he couldn’t do anything successful and may not be popular among the people around you. A responsible person would have the courage to undertake everything. This was what a boy should have. If I have done something wrong, I should take the responsibility.


大学英语作文 篇3

  During the Days of Military Training

  The day we were looking forward to came at last----a week's military training began.

  During the training, each of us did his part in earnest. We

  drilled more than six hours a day, though it was very hot at the time. In the blazing sun, we always tried to measure up to the high standards which were demanded . Sweat streamed down and we wouldn't wipe it off. Olny three days later our faces were tanned.We felt happy and proud of it .

  Our platoon officer was a young PLA man, about twenty years old. He was very strict with us during the training and very kind to us afterwards. By talking with him, we came to know not only more information about army life, but also about military affairs. The military training gave us good discipline. It brought us great happiness, too. We'll never forget it.

大学英语作文 篇4

  Getting to Know the World Outside the Campus

  Apart from acquiring book knowledge, university students should also A have social knowledge. Without social awareness they can not be useful talents qualified fur social needs. Therefore, it is necessary fur them to know society.

  To acquire social knowledge, students should get close to society. There are many ways for students to approach society, but generally they can be listed as follows. First, they can conduct a survey of society in summer or winter holidays by going to the factory or the countryside. Besides, they can do part-time work in society. Most important of all, they can know the world outside the campus through mass media such as newspaper, TV, broadcast and even Internet.

  As to me, I consider it most convenient and effhctive to know society by watching TV. I also find it beneficial to do part-time work because through the work I get in touch with people from all walks of life.





大学英语作文 篇5

  Women seemed to be the least important creatures in the world in ancient times.At that time the criterion whether a woman is good or not is obedience. A woman was to be obedient to her parents in her youth, to her husband once she got married and to her children in her old age.At that time, women were subordinate to men, having no humanity at all, not to mention the so-called liberty or equality.

  As time goes by,tremendous changes have happened to women's status, from women being permitted to receive education together with men to being able to go out to work in the society. Nowadays, such cases are ordinary that women compete with men,work with men,and even take the leadership.Wornen's status arrives at an unprecedented high level, which can be called as equality to some extent.

  However, the situation is not so optimistic as the majority of women think. In effect, women are far from equal to men.Actually, men's superiority is inveterate, which can't be shaken overnight. Though the society keeps on saying women should be treated equally as men, the idea that men are better than women still exerts a subtle influence on people's minds. When opening newspapers, how many "only men are eligible" are there in advertisements for employees? That is the reality.People tend to value men, not women, at least subconsciously, men are superi

  I don't think the concept is based on science. It can't be denied that men take a dominant position in strength, logical thinking etc., but there are characteristic advantages women have anyhow, in which men fail to contend with them. Consequently,men are no better than women. Policewomen, women pilots,and women astronauts.., all these will prove the ability women own to the public. As a result, women get more and more aware of their own values. Despite its hardships and high costs, lots of

  them are trying their best to change the prejudice of the society.

  However, what I want to point out here is that not only men have the prejudice, but some women themselves do too. Eyen those who claim to long for equality with men have the double standard of equality. On one hand, they demand equal opportunity; on the other hand, they take "lady first" for granted,considering that it is perfectly justified for men to open door for them, offer their own seats to them, pay for dinner for them.Does it make sense? How can you ask others to treat you equally while you yourself have admitted the inequality in advance?

  In short, I think as long as our sense doesn't completely change, the real equality between men and women won't come.

大学英语作文 篇6

  as my high school years were drawing to a close, i turned over and over again in my mind the question of whether i should go to college. at times i did have some doubts. after careful consideration, however, i finally decided it was worthwhile to attend college.firstly, because i was always hungry for knowledge and keen on learning. while in high school, i became more and more interested in such subjects as math, physics, and chemistry. i longed to eplore much further into those areas.

  secondly, because i knew a college education would provide me with opportunities for all-round development. i would play in musical groups, take part in sports, and join campus organizations. involvement in various kinds of activities could help make me a well-rounded person.finally, i was aware that in todays world many professions require years of specialized trainning. without a college education, it would be difficult for me to obtain a desirable position.

  now im here at college and i seem to have more reasons to congratulate myself on my right decision.

大学英语作文 篇7

  Should universities discourage students from dating on the grounds that, it is a waste of time as well as energy? Or is it justified for students to venture into a romantic relationship from which they will learn valuable lessons absent from their textbooks? I personally advocate campus dating.

  Opponents may argue that university students should place study as their priority as dating in all likelihood may distract them from this objective. However, learning is not all about memorizing textbooks and passing exams. True love holds the key to happiness in life and students are entitled to experience it. Admittedly, a relationship may serve as a distraction in some cases? Yet, it can also yield beneficial results. Couples may encourage each other to achieve academic excellence and support each other in times of crisis. Furthermore, it is tantamount to cruelty to hinder the pursuit of true love. The decision as to whether or not to start a relationship should be an entirely personal choice free from interference. In the final analysis, I believe that students can learn so much from a relationship, such as tolerance, care and compromise. All of these will serve well foll their future success both in career and in life.

  In conclusion, campus love promotes happiness, and can be beneficial towards academic study and therefore should be a matter of personal choice.

大学英语作文 篇8

  My school encourages students to take part in out-of-class activities. After a busy day, it can help us to relax and build a healthy body. We usually take part in out-of-class activities on the playground. Some students play basketball, football and badminton. Some play Ping-Pong or swim. Besides, some students read books in the library. They think reading is also a good way to relax. As for me, I like running and reading.