大学英语六级作文 篇1

  Is Becoming Rich the Only Goal of Life?

  As the saying goes, "Money makes the mare go." Living in the contemporary society, more and more people are becoming money-oriented whether voluntarily or reluctantly. Sometimes, they should be reminded that becoming rich is not the only purpose of life.

  If one spends all his life pursuing nothing but money, he might live in a big house and drive a luxury car when he gets old. However, a person's material need is within limits. One cannot live in two houses and drive two cars at the same time. Neither should one take in two persons' amount of food. Besides, people's desire and ambition to make money could be infinite. More of money doesn't always make us happier. More of Money tends to make us used to that money and desirous of having even more of that.

  Therefore, we should look around and find other goals of life. For example, one can live a meaningful life by discovering his gift and making the best of it. One can also live a happy life by making more friends and building a joyful family.

大学英语六级作文 篇2


  1. 目前许多大学校园里出现“大四空巢”现象

  2. 出现这一现象的原因?

  3. 我对这一现象的看法和建议

  On the Senior Empty Nests

  For most senior students in universities, the last academic year has nothing to do with academics. To the frustration of professors, few courses are attended by students. And dorms are almost vacant with few lodgers. This kind of phenomenon, which has been called “Senior Empty Nests”, is common among universities of China.

  Where have those absent senior students gone? Some lucky dogs have gone to their new jobs while the majority are still striving to get a job or engaging in their internship outside of the campus. The severe employment pressure has pushed senior students into employment market earlier. The anxiety of getting a job before graduation disturbs the restless mind of every student, which leads to skipping school of most students.

  In my view, with senior students leaving campus earlier, their time of education has been reduced, which puts them in a disadvantaged position in the employment market. Students should start job hunting after finishing the courses of the last academic year. At the same time, the universities should provide career education for senior students.

大学英语六级作文 篇3




  交代清楚故事涉及的人物、时间、地点: 主题句


  具体描述事件发生的原因、经过和结果 起因+经过+结果




  Directions:for this part, you are allowed thirty minutes to write a composition on the topic the day my classmate fell ill.





  开篇句:About _____ o'clock one evening in _______, _____. 扩展句:________. (展开描述一下事件)


  主题句:Without hesitation, _____. It wasn't long before _____. 扩展句:1、one ______. 2、another _______. 3、our teacher _______.


  结尾句:Is _______? Who can tell ? but ______.

  扩展句:1、When ____ , people showed _____ spirit regardless of ____.

  2、This kind of care between persons is the very kind giving, unselfish and priceless devotion or sacrifice. 3、And it is just because of this care that we can have warm families, a happy life and a beautiful world.

大学英语六级作文 篇4

Job-hopping 换工作




  Currently,the frequent job-hopping of graduates has aroused wide concern among the public. Does anyone hold the same attitude toward this phenomenon? Definitely not. As to this issue, opinions vary from person to person.

  Those who hold the opinion that job-hopping is beneficial to graduates claim that by doing so, the youngsters are more likely to (更有可能)have a better knowledge of (更了解)other fields and then to expand their horizons(开阔视野). Moreover,changing jobs frequently offers workers a chance to move up to a better position(到更好的工作岗位). However, others take a totally different view that job-hopping is detrimental to one’s career development. For one thing, as the common saying goes,“a rolling stone gathers no moss.” (滚石不生苔)The more frequent you change your job, the less likely you are to be an expert in a particular area.(在某个特定的领域) Secondly, this behavior will leave on the employers an impression of (给雇主留下印象)instability and immaturity(不稳定和不成熟). It is no wonder that ,when interviewing a candidate, a employer will raise a question (提问) like“you’ve changed jobs quite frequently. How do we know you’ll stay if we hire you? ”

  From my perspective, frequent job-hopping would not necessarily be a bad thing.(并非是件坏事) it may offer them a broader space for career development. (更大的发展空间)When people join a company,the brand new working environment,new colleagues and new enterprise cultural atmosphere (企业文化氛围) will definitely motivate their enthusiasm for (激发他们的工作热情) the new job and thus, prompt their career to a new level.(让职业生涯更上一个台阶) thus, I will try several posts before finding the one that is perfectly fit for me and after that I will remain in the post and spare no efforts to have it well done(竭尽全力将工作做好).

大学英语六级作文 篇5




  Travel-mate Wanted

  I’m a 19-year-old female sophomore named Fu Ping. I hereby earnestly invite a foreign young lady—college student preferred—to make a three – week touring trip with me.

  My plan is to set off next weekend, when the vacation officially begins. The first stop is Kunming, the world-renowned city for its beauty and mild temperature. We’ll get there by train and stay there for 2 days, and then we’ll head for Jinggangshan, a former revolutionary base as well as a natural beauty spot. After a 3-day visit there , we will take a long-distance coach to a nearby port city by the Changjiang River and board a downstream ship to Shanghai, so that we can enjoy the great scenery alongside the third longest river in the world. As everybody knows, Shanghai is the busiest and fastest developing city in China. I’d like to have a look at its prosperity, so the stay there will be about half a week. And a famous Chinese saying goes, ”Just as there is Paradise in heaven, there are Suzhou and Hangzhou on Earth ”, so a 4-day visit to these two cities near Shanghai is must. All together, our trip will last about three weeks.

  I only expect that my travel-mate could split the expenses with me and talk with me in beautiful English, and I would be an excellent guide for her since I major in tourist guiding.

  Those interested please contact me either through email (fuping@126.com) .

大学英语六级作文 篇6

  With the development of science and human civilization, many formerly unimaginable things come into reality. Some of them have positive effects on our life, but some are distasteful. The phenomenon of _______ (主题现象) is an example of the former / latter one. There are many factors that may account for it, and the following are the most conspicuous aspects. To start with, __________________ (原因1). Furthermore, ______________________ (原因2). Eventually, __________________________ (原因3). Good as ____________ (主题现象) is, it has, unfortunately, its disadvantages. The apparent example is that ___________ (缺点例子1). In addition, ___________ (缺点例子2). On the whole, the phenomenon is one of the results of the progress of the modern society. There is still a long way for us to improve / eliminate __________ (主题现象) and make our life more comfortable.

大学英语六级作文 篇7


  长江(Yangtze River)仅次于南美洲的亚马逊河(theAmazon River)与非洲的尼罗河(the Nile),是世界第三大河,亚洲第一大河。辽阔的.长江流域,资源极为丰富,自古以来是中国最重要的农业经济区。今日长江,以上海为中心的长江三角洲经济区、武汉为中心的华中经济区和重庆为中心的西南经济区为依托,横贯东西,带动南北,成为经济发展的重要基地。多少年来,人们一直赞誉长江流域的四川盆地是“天府之国”,两湖地区是“鱼米之乡”。


  The Yangtze River ranks the longest river in Asia and the third longest river in the world, second only to the Amazon River in South America and the Nile in Africa.There are abundant resources in the vast Yangtze River basin. Since ancient times, the Yangtze River has been China's most important economic zone for agriculture. Today, the Yangtze River has become an important base of economic development across both east to west and north to south, supported by the Yangtze River Delta Economic Zone centered in Shanghai, the Central China Economic Zone centered in Wuhan and the Southwest Economic Zone centered in Chongqing. Over the years, the Sichuan basin along the Yangtze River has been praised as the “Land of Abundance”,while Hubei and Hunan provinces are often called “a land flowing with milk and honey”.

  1.世界第三大河,亚洲第一大河:即“世界第三长河,亚洲第一长河”,故译为the longest river in Asia and the thirdlongest river in the world。

  2.辽阔的长江流域:其中“辽阔的”译为vast,“流域”译为basin。故此处译为the vast Yangtze River basin。

  3.资源极为丰富:可使用there be句式,故译为There areabundant resources。

  4.自古以来:可译为Since ancient times…或可用down the ages,from ancient times表达。

  5.农业经济区:可译为economic zone for agriculture表达。

  6.以上海为中心的长江三角洲经济区,武汉为中心的华中经济区,重庆为中心的西南经济区为依托:其中“上海为中心的长江三角洲经济区”可译为the Yangtze River Delta Economic Zone centered inShanghai;“武汉为中心的华中经济区”可译为the Central China Economic Zone centered in Wuhan; “重庆为中心的西南经济区”可用the Southwest Economic Zone centered in Chongqing;“以....为依托”则可使用过去分词结构based on或supported by。

  7.横贯东西,带动南北:可译为across both east to west and north to south。

  8.多少年来:可用 over the years或 for many years表达。

  9.鱼米之乡:可译为a land flowing with milk and honey。




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