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  The Reasons for the difficulties in College Graduates' Job-hunting

  Nowadays, with the increasing number of college graduates emerging in the society, a harsh reality was placed in front ofthem. This is the difficulties of job-hunting. Some of them even Have been in self-mockery that the moment they are graduated, they are unemployed. An excellent college student should have found a satisfactory job with a considerable income, but why are there still numerous students who who are out of work. People's view vary. And there three factors accounting for the phenomenon: the deficiency of educational system, the incompetence of the graduates, and the high standard of employer.

  Perhaps one of the most common cause is the college students themselves. That is to say they are not competent. Although, they have pursued the further education, they haven't studied hard enough at all when they were on campuses. They are always wasting their precious time hanging out, playing computer, and sleeping in their warm bed, however, all these are meaningless to their future job. What's worse, skipping classes become their often cases, and, as a result, nothing have they learned when it's the time to compete in the recruitment fair. So, the jobless should introspect themselves why they can not reach the certain standard that the society need.

  Besides the incompetence of the students, another contributing factor is the employers' high standard. The company often demand too much from the competitor. For instance, the bosses hire the experienced while they candidates have graduated from the college and never do they have time to practice and gain experience. Some vacancies even only serves for the postgraduate, but a college graduate is competent enough.

  Last but not least, the Chinese education system may be ignored but, actually, it's one of the primary cause. The Chinese education have arranged what the college should pursue instead of giving them choices. Just as a survey indicates there are 45% of the graduates' present jobs are not related to their majors, and only 15% of their knowledge could be adopted to their job-hunting. Thus the most of them knowledge is of no use for the future work, and also the students are not interested at all but they are still forced to take the such courses. It's tragedy, isn't it?

  Taking all the above into consideration, difficulties of job-hunting are not only the problem of the graduates, bur also the cause of the demanding boss and the deficiency of education system. All the them should spare no efforts to handle it.

大学英语作文 篇2

  in the last decades, the development of market oriented economy has brought a large number of newly emerging things into our daily life. yet when it comes to one of these new things lottery, welfare lottery in particular, some people believe that it creates a good social atmosphere while others argue that the opposite is true. there is probably a little bit of truth in both statements. but in recent years, lottery has done a lot to support the view that it does more good than harm.

  on one hand, welfare lottery encourages people to do small kindness for the welfare of others as well as for the profit of oneself. when we read the daily newspapers, we are frequently appraised of the "big kindness" performed by well-to-do philanthropists who donate large sums of money for the establishment of schools, libraries, free hospitals for the poor, orphanages,and the like. these, of course, are laudable acts of charity that deserve wide public acclaim. but in my estimation, not all the people have the financial ability to support these "big kindness",and those many minor acts of kindness performed daily in different situations by public minded citizens who receive no recognition or praise from the mass media are equally commendable.similarly, welfare lottery provide the majority of people a chance to perform this kind of small kindness.

  on the other hand, in a large city like shanghai, where the general tendency of the people is "to look out only for one's own", the atmosphere is cold and miserable for those unable to keep up with the rapid pace of competitions. by launching a personal campaign such as welfare lottery, we can try to remedy the present situation and to make our society a much better place to live in.

  however, every coin has two sides.lottery,inevitably,has some side effects. as to the general criticism that it encourages some people's opportunistic attitudes and makes them unwilling to make a living by finding a job, i believe that the ta system in our society will keep the necessary balance between the poor and the rich, thus maintains the stability and unity of our country.

  recognition of a problem is the first step toward its solution. since we are now generally aware of the advantages and disadvantages of lottery, it seems necessary that we improve this scheme to meet the public needs. if we are to succeed as a society in 21st century, a better society atmosphere should be created.

大学英语作文 篇3

  Nowadays, with the development of the society, it's greatly need the people who master integrated skills, so that there are a growing number of people attend training classes to master more skills to get a good job. However, whether people should attend training classes or not, the answers vary from person to person. As far as I am concerned, it is necessary to attend training classes for the following reasons.


  First of all, our society is developing rapidly, and the requirements for jobs have changed gradually. Previously, people can finish their job as long as they master a skill. But now, situations have changed. Computer skill, language ability and knowledge about law are needed for an employee, which helps them go further in their career.


  Besides, when we attend the training class, we can meet many people work in other fields. It's a good time for us to know something new about other fields conveniently. And we can get more information about their fields that would be very helpful to our career.


  Finally, all of us should hold the idea that it's never too late to learn. Learning is the only way to keep pace with the society and attending training classes may be the most effective way.


  From the discussion above, we can conclude that it is necessary and worthwhile for us to attend training classes because of its great importance.


大学英语作文 篇4

  In when I was seven years old was very timid, walk carefully, for fear of standing on the ants, but with the passage of time, I have a big courage also gradually rise, saying here, I will recall the thing makes me bold.

  Remember, it is an opaque night, my sister and I back from Li County tripterygium wilfordii tower. We rode in the big uncle's car and drove to the tower, and then the car suddenly broke down at the gas station not far from the thunder tower. "What can I do? "My heart cried anxiously, like ants on a hot pot. "Well," said the uncle, "you two go to your grandmother's house with a flashlight. It's not far from your grandmother's house, and it's only a few steps away." "But. "Nothing but, are you going to spend the night at the gas station? Uncle will ask someone to help me fix my car. It will take a while. You should go first." Looking at the front of the black pressure, I can not help but a shiver. Eventually, my sister and I were forced to agree.

  Later, after my sister and I took the torch has been moving forward, a crossroad, I suddenly felt like someone watching us, I almost scared to cry, but at this moment, the elder sister to comfort I said ": don't be afraid of, have a sister in!" I listened to my sister, and "courage" suddenly and inexplicably increased. Later, my sister and I took a torch and ran all the way to grandma's house. Alas, what a surprise!

  Later, after overcoming difficulties with my sister, I was not afraid of anything any more, because I had my sister's encouragement to me, and it would accompany me through all the ups and downs.









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