英语作文的学习计划 篇1

  1, Insist every day, make full use of all available time to learn English. No persistence study and will do a lot of security, everything is empty talk.

  Article 2 a day, dictation, this article as the center, to start a day's study.

  3, Five were to practice listening, speaking, reading and writing, and give priority to in order to hear.

  4, QiuZhi not quantity, the dictation of the article thoroughly understand is sufficient, don't lie, big dishonest. Solid, step-by-step, is the only way to learn English well.

  5, The spare time to make full use of to learn English, again and again.

  6, Dictation is a good way to learn English, to continue to strengthen.

  7, Early to bed and early to rise to learn English.

  8, Hold a set of teaching material is enough, don't blindly the replacement of materials.

  9, Study English every day must have a detailed practical plan, must resolutely implement, without any excuse.

  10, Believe in yourself, will be able to learn English well.

英语作文的学习计划 篇2

  Another new term comes again,so i should have a study plan to promot myself.

  Firstly,i descide to finish my homework more carefully than

  before.And pay more attention to the knowledge which i didn't know it clearly.

  Secondly,i will do a lot of read to widen the range of my knowledge.and try to combine thoery to practice.

  Finally,i will learn to adjust, to be more positive and more helpful. That's what i plant to do in a new term.

英语作文的学习计划 篇3

  Most students find it difficult to learn English, because they don't find the good ways. In order to pass the exams, they always learn English by learningthe grammar rules and vocabularies by heart. I don't think it's a good way tolearn English. In my opinion, if we want to learn English well, we shouldalways think in English, speak in English and write in English. While speakingEnglish, we should come out of our shells. Don't be shy or afraid of making anymistakes, since others won't care about the mistakes. The more we practice, thebetter our oral English will be. Just as saying goes, practice makes perfect.

英语作文的学习计划 篇4

  As the winter vacation is drawing near,I have a plan about my vacation.I am going to do what I want to do.I am going to study harder in order to get good grades in the following term.After finishing all my homework.I am going to enjoy myself in the sea of konwledge.Reading must be a good idea.I am going to keep fit at the same time.I will get up early in the morning everyday and play sports.I really love speats.Besides that,Eating a balanced diet is also good for my healthy.

英语作文的学习计划 篇5



  在英语的学习过程中会树立良好的学习态度,认真学习,掌握基本的有关英语知识和提升自己英语学习的能力。在学习英语的课程中,会坚决的遵守课堂的纪律,维护良好的课堂秩序。不无故旷课,有事请假。 2、课堂表现


  在英语的学习过程中我会按时完成老师布置的作业,不拖漏作业。并会在平时的学习过程之中争取更进一步的提升自己的英语水平,使英语学习有更高的突破,提高英语交际能力。 4、预期学习结果

  希望通过英语课程的学习,使自己的英语在原有的基础上有进一步的提高。能更好的'掌握英语听、说、写等方面的技巧和能力。 5、实施计划方案


  首先:要按时上课,不旷课、逃课,认真听老师的讲解,课后认真学习巩固。 其次:从英语的听、说、读、写、译各方面有针对性的练习。

  听:认真听课,积极互动。课后每天花一些的时间来听英语,并做记录,培养听感。 说:坚持课上同学老师积极交流互动,锻炼自己的口语能力。 读:经常读课文,课后跟着录音练习范文。



英语作文的学习计划 篇6

  I'm extremely excited now ,In face of new envirenment of study and life ,I must make a good plan for it .

  Study comes first so I should make new goal and improve my study method.Hard will I study in the college as I do now.It is also important to learn how to live by myself . I will join in various activities and try my best to manage the relationship with other classmates.

  No matter what I will meet in the future,happiness or sorrow,keep an optimistic attitud towards life and I believe that my college life will be colorfull as planned.

英语作文的学习计划 篇7



  Make A Study Plan

  As a middle school student, my study burden is heavier than before. Therefore, I must make a good plan for my study to make the effort effective and set sometime aside for playing. Firstly, I will make a big plan for this term and set a goal for it. I want to be the top three of my class in the final exam, so that I must work hard for it. In addition, I will make plans for several short periods, such as monthly plan and weekly plan. By doing so, I can clearly know what my major task of different. Finally, daily plan is necessary, too. Write down my tasks for everyday and finish them strictly. Remember not put tasks until tomorrow. With these different plans, I can arrange my time reasonably and get sometime to play.


英语作文的学习计划 篇8

  At the beginning of this term, I made a plan for my study。 Now, I find that I carry it out well in the past month。 I was poor in Chinese and English last semester。 Therefore, I put the two subjects in the priority and I spent much time on them。 Happily, I made progress in the two subjects this semester。 Besides, math and physics is not so hard for me, but I must do many exercises to improve my knowledge。 Half of an hour for each is necessary and I have always been doing so。 The other subjects are easy for me。 As long as I carefully listen to the teacher in the class and do some reviews, I can do well in them。 While, it does not mean that I attach no importance to them。 I make plan for my study to ensure the efficiency of my study。



英语作文的学习计划 篇9

  today is march 8th, the new term, the last but the most important term of junior high has been on for more than seven days. it means that there are only about three months left for us to study.

  we suddenly feel that time passes so fast. we still remember the first day we come to this famous middle school, but now, two and a half years has passed. have you ever looked back and thought, what you did and learnt in the two and a half years? and how much did you learn from teachers, books or in any other ways?to ask yourselves, have you ever wasted time? if you say “never”, that’s very good. but if you say “yes, often,” it is so regretful. but everything has passed anyhow, we can’t get it back, so the only thing we can do is, to make better use of the time.

  from now on, study hard. it’s not so late that everything can’t be changed yet. everything is possible only if you try your best to do it. believe yourselves, “every man has his price.” maybe you are good at study, you are good at singing or you do well in drawing……

  so i always believe myself no matter where, no matter when. it’s very important, i think. let’s try our best and put our heart into it. wish you make good results in the last exam

英语作文的学习计划 篇10

  How is everything going?

  I’m writing to you to tell you my conditions. Now, i am a postgraduate student, Until now I’m not sure if I am interested in teaching, although I as a free normal student, I’m supposed to be a teacher in the future. while it seemed that the choice is boundless, everything is changing. In spite of that, I still believe a promising future is waiting for me. What I need to do is making a new plan for it and keeping the pursuit of it. I have took plans in my postgraduate life.

  First of all, I need to acquire knowledge in my first year .As everyone say: Knowledge is power. I’m must have full of energy, especially in the competitive society today. Secondly, I decide to make my postgraduate graduation thesis. My final aim is searching a job, I believe I can do it.

  There are my plans in my postgraduate. Meanwhile, I wish you have a good future.