英语作文的学习计划 篇1

  At the beginning of this term, I made a plan for my study。 Now, I find that I carry it out well in the past month。 I was poor in Chinese and English last semester。 Therefore, I put the two subjects in the priority and I spent much time on them。 Happily, I made progress in the two subjects this semester。 Besides, math and physics is not so hard for me, but I must do many exercises to improve my knowledge。 Half of an hour for each is necessary and I have always been doing so。 The other subjects are easy for me。 As long as I carefully listen to the teacher in the class and do some reviews, I can do well in them。 While, it does not mean that I attach no importance to them。 I make plan for my study to ensure the efficiency of my study。



英语作文的学习计划 篇2

  1, Insist every day, make full use of all available time to learn English. No persistence study and will do a lot of security, everything is empty talk.

  Article 2 a day, dictation, this article as the center, to start a day's study.

  3, Five were to practice listening, speaking, reading and writing, and give priority to in order to hear.

  4, QiuZhi not quantity, the dictation of the article thoroughly understand is sufficient, don't lie, big dishonest. Solid, step-by-step, is the only way to learn English well.

  5, The spare time to make full use of to learn English, again and again.

  6, Dictation is a good way to learn English, to continue to strengthen.

  7, Early to bed and early to rise to learn English.

  8, Hold a set of teaching material is enough, don't blindly the replacement of materials.

  9, Study English every day must have a detailed practical plan, must resolutely implement, without any excuse.

  10, Believe in yourself, will be able to learn English well.

英语作文的学习计划 篇3

  I'm a high school student now.I am weak in English.And most students in my class are good at English.So I have to improve my English and catch up with them.I make a English Study Plan.Firstly,I will spend 20 minutes remembering words every day.I find that I only remember a small number of words. Secondly,I must listen to the teacher carefully in class.And I will do the homework every day.Of course,listening to the English tapes every day is necessary.Sometimes I will read some English writings. Thirdly,I will often use English and communicate with classmates in English.Every Sunday,I will learn English on the Internet. This is my plan.

英语作文的学习计划 篇4

  How time flies,unconsciouslythe next summer vacation will soon come.In order to improve myself as well as enjoy a happy holiday,I made the winter vacation plan.

  Firstly i want to continue with my study,i think study is a life process,so no matter what the situation I am in,i will look for chances to continue it.I have bought several new books ,including those books on my major(专业)and some novels ,I will try to finish reading them in the holiday and write notes.

  Secondly,since it is the holiday,I will share it with my family and friends .You know the spring festival will soon come, I believe I would chatting and play games with my friends and family .I think I will enjoy the vacation.

英语作文的学习计划 篇5


  晨起听磁带、背单词,午后读书籍,晚上做练习 ,这些都已是习惯了。坚持下来,我的英语在听、说、读、写四大块上都有了全方面的提高,也能应付猛虎般的试题了——







英语作文的学习计划 篇6

  Most students find it difficult to learn English, because they don't find the good ways. In order to pass the exams, they always learn English by learningthe grammar rules and vocabularies by heart. I don't think it's a good way tolearn English. In my opinion, if we want to learn English well, we shouldalways think in English, speak in English and write in English. While speakingEnglish, we should come out of our shells. Don't be shy or afraid of making anymistakes, since others won't care about the mistakes. The more we practice, thebetter our oral English will be. Just as saying goes, practice makes perfect.

英语作文的学习计划 篇7


  I will be in the third grade in the next term.Sin ce the highschool entrance examination is coming soon, there is a great need for me to make a precise plan of my studies.

  From September to November,I will follow the teachers in the new lessons learning, and after class , the contemporary exercises are necessary.

  Before the end of the first term, I will review all the lessons from beginning again.

  From March to April, review all I have learned a second time.

  Beginning from April, models tests should be the all.Several days before the exam, I will go over all the mistakes in the papers and have a good rest for the exam.

英语作文的学习计划 篇8

  I'm happy to have such a good summer holiday!Of course,I have many things to prepare.

  First,I need to make a plan about my holiday.I will do my homework 5 hours a day,and I want to read some famous English books to improve my English study.Then, I will see some funny comedies.Mr.Bean or Tom Hanks's movies all cool! They can relax myself!If I have enough time,I will go dancing and swimming! I wanna keep fit,you know!And,I will spend some time on my math.I always be careless on the math exam.I want to be carefu

英语作文的学习计划 篇9

  How is everything going?

  I’m writing to you to tell you my conditions. Now, i am a postgraduate student, Until now I’m not sure if I am interested in teaching, although I as a free normal student, I’m supposed to be a teacher in the future. while it seemed that the choice is boundless, everything is changing. In spite of that, I still believe a promising future is waiting for me. What I need to do is making a new plan for it and keeping the pursuit of it. I have took plans in my postgraduate life.

  First of all, I need to acquire knowledge in my first year .As everyone say: Knowledge is power. I’m must have full of energy, especially in the competitive society today. Secondly, I decide to make my postgraduate graduation thesis. My final aim is searching a job, I believe I can do it.

  There are my plans in my postgraduate. Meanwhile, I wish you have a good future.





英语作文的学习计划 篇10

  today is march 8th, the new term, the last but the most important term of junior high has been on for more than seven days. it means that there are only about three months left for us to study.

  we suddenly feel that time passes so fast. we still remember the first day we come to this famous middle school, but now, two and a half years has passed. have you ever looked back and thought, what you did and learnt in the two and a half years? and how much did you learn from teachers, books or in any other ways?to ask yourselves, have you ever wasted time? if you say “never”, that’s very good. but if you say “yes, often,” it is so regretful. but everything has passed anyhow, we can’t get it back, so the only thing we can do is, to make better use of the time.

  from now on, study hard. it’s not so late that everything can’t be changed yet. everything is possible only if you try your best to do it. believe yourselves, “every man has his price.” maybe you are good at study, you are good at singing or you do well in drawing……

  so i always believe myself no matter where, no matter when. it’s very important, i think. let’s try our best and put our heart into it. wish you make good results in the last exam