Internet is very useful for us. The Internet is a great facility for collecting information. The Internet makes it easy to build social connections. we can have a lot of friends all over the world and reach much knowledge by Internet. Millions of people communicate today through E-mail.

  But the disadvantages of Internet also have a lot. The network information may be falsehood, so mach as leading to a wrong decision-making. May online socialization weaken our ability to deal with relationships in the real world? The weak-willed persons maybe indulge network-game and amusement in Internet thereby disrepair own career.

  The loveliness of Internet is infinitude and colorful, but strengthen to manage it. We make good use of it only while we have an appropriate approach to Internet.





  I have a nice bedroom.It s bright and small.Near the door ,there s my bed.On the wall there are many posters.On the bedside table there is a lamp.There s a big desk next to it . There are many comic books on it .The windows are very big so the light shines through them.My bookcase is opposite the bed.It s big and there are many books on it .I have many interesting things on the shelf next to the bookcase.Such as snacks ,a small plant and a lot of CDs.Ilike my bedrooms very much.


  my school

  my school is in the east end of the city. it takes me half an hour to get to school on foot. i usually ride a bike to school.

  there are over one hundred and fifty teachers and about two thousand students in our school. we have two classroom buildings. the office building is three storeys high. on weekdays our teachers often take us to the laboratories to do eperiments. sometimes we have english lesson in the language lab. we have a very large playground.

  after school we take part in various activities, such as ball games, painting, singing and dancing. i like to play football with my classmates.

  i love my teachers. i love my school.


  I like autumn. I love the falling leaves in autumn. They cover the ground with golden yellow. When you walk on them, they rustle beneath your feet, just as if they are singing to you. I know trees get ready for their next year s rebirth by doing this, so I enjoy them without any sad feelings. The fields in autumn are fruity. People are easy to have good mood in a harvest season. So can t autumn sights bring happiness to us as well?


  When we open the TV, we may find that there are all kinds of commercial ads, most are about the women’s skin care products.

  The manufacturers find the great potential commercial opportunity in women’s skin care products, indeed, girls are paying special attention to their skins, Chinese girls want to main their skin white.

  White skin is symbol of nobility, so girls want to keep their skin white and smooth, they are willing to spend a lot of money on the skin care products. But they must keep an eye on products, some products are fakes, they are imitating the brands, if the customers don’t take care, they will be taken in. Skin care is important for the girls, but they must take care of the products.



  Today, it is the evening of the Spring Festival, and our whole family is looking forward to what wonderful program this spring party will bring to us.

  With the coming of time, we are also more and more excited, more and more happy. "Thunk" 1, time is up, I can't wait to turn on the TV, the first in the program is a song, listen to listen, I seem to be attracted to live, I also sang, the show is over, the next program began, is the sketch, I hand holding a snack, eat while watching, see half hour, I could not help but laugh "ha ha ha" because of this essay is too funny, inside of that person in order to become a "top", to get a new house, in the end, by using the means of cheating, house is took by others, through this essay, but I understand such a truth: to pass the effort, to get success.

  With the coming of time, the Spring Festival gala is winding down, but I am still immersed in the Spring Festival evening party. How I wish to see the next Spring Festival gala soon.


  The Spring Festival is the most important festival of our Chinese nation, and it is also the unique festival of our Chinese nation. At this time, the migrant workers in a hurry to pack up, ready to go home, with a year's salary, warm heart; We children, get good grades, the heart is happy, waiting for parents' praise... I believe that every family is full of happiness and happiness.

  The first thing to do is to buy New Year's goods. Of course, our family is no exception. Our family got up early in the morning, and then we went to the supermarket to buy some peanuts, melon seeds, sugar and other foods. Of course, chickens, ducks, fish and meat were essential.

  Today is the age of 30, as in previous years: many people have hung red lanterns; Stuck with the spring couplets, didn't they? The red lantern reflects our bright smile; Plus the pair of couplets, everywhere brimming with jubilant atmosphere, the festival is undoubtedly the icing on the cake. Today, it is also our children's world: we sing, dance, all the troubles are put aside, happy, happy... At the time of the reunion dinner, our family sat around the round table. The food on the table can be rich: golden roast chicken, red rice cake, white dumplings... After the reunion dinner, I turned on the TV and watched the CCTV Spring Festival gala.

  In the evening, fireworks explode. First saw a small bright spot, galloping up from a distance, to a certain height, such as after a sudden burst out sparks of countless, they adorn the vast sky glow, added to the sky like a pair of bright flame, and even the stars dim and blank. They are all in all shapes and colors, and they shine in the night sky. Looking at it, I felt as if I was jumping up and down with them. Suddenly, the moonlight, the light, the flame light, interweave together, light up the whole sky. I also set off fireworks, there are full of pearls, jumping cats, women's scattered flowers, fireballs...

  My first reflection is that the New Year, the new starting point, the new hope, the new dream, and more efforts! I wish luck would be with me this year.


  In the few days of the Spring Festival, no matter how many naughty things the children do, the adults will not be to blame. In these harmonious and happy days, they have no reason to break the atmosphere. This is one of the reasons why we love Spring Festival. So we, the naughty boys, would get together and go out into the street and buy firecrackers and some little things like "double guns" and "red spiders" and joke around. Sometimes we would leave a gap in the hen's nest and throw the firecracker into the henhouse. Soon we could hear the scream of the chicken. Or, we would sneak up behind the cowardly girls and pretend to throw off a few firecrackers to the cowardly girls, and the cowardly girls running and crying would be ridiculous.

  The meal of Spring Festival is not delicious.

  When the Spring Festival comes, the newly painted tables are always served with chicken and duck, but that's the whole pot. To put it simply, it's nothing more than cleaning up the leftovers. Sometimes there were a few children on the table, and it must have been a chop in the street.

  The most eye-catching part of the Spring Festival is the red bright red, in the hands of the light of the lucky money, even if the parents scrape, will also leave a few of the bottom! Not to mention, perhaps some naughty children, all day long to hide, may be afraid of the lucky money into their parents' pocket, all belong to their custody!

  In my hometown, the old people's court in the town always held "riddles" during the Spring Festival. That's a big deal. By that time, all the children in the town would join in, because the reward for solving the riddle was sweet candy! Although the reward is very generous to the children, but the riddle is also bad guess, enter the old people's courtyard, you will see the colorful questionnaires of children before they are scratching their heads. Of course, as a child I could not help but temptation to participate in the puzzle is like a candy in my eyes. Sitting in the old man's courtyard for an hour or so, the reward is not small, two dozen candy falls into my stomach!

  This is the Spring Festival, which I know of, a naughty boy can hear the sound of the footsteps of happiness!


  Spring festival is the most important festival in China. During Spring festival, people visit their relatives, sending their best wishes for a new year. Children are the happiest in spring festival. They will receive red envelopes that contain money as new year presents. They can also play crackers and fireworks. What's more, they are given a lot of freedom, which they have dreammed of for a whole year. During Spring festival, there will be plenty of foods. That's why many people put on "holiday weight" after Spring festival.

  When it comes to food, there are many festival specialties. The world famous Jiaozi and Chunjuan(spring roll) have even been accepted by foreigners as fast foods. Spring festival usually comes in Feburary, sometimes earlier. It's a festival full of hope and good wishes. It's a symbol of Chinese culture.


  Last weekend, our school had a school camping activities, I joined in the activities with my close classmate, who's name is Tom. We arrived the destination at 10:00 A.M., The leader told us, " Now, you can find a place where you want, and put your stuffs on the ground. Then you can look around the view, but you have to come back by 12:00. Does anyone have any question?" Everybody answered, "No question."

  Tom and I collected the leaves of maple and spruce, there are many different colors, and are beautiful. We saw the other students were watching the ants that are moving the food, the ants are line up walking like army troop, it's very funny! I saw Linda and Mary were walking in the stream... They were playing water, and they watered repellency to each other, they had fun!

  Everybody gather together at 12:00, we started placing our foods at the center, and sharing and having our lunch together. After eating, we started playing the game of "hiding and seeking" . Suddenly, someone yelled,"Help! Help!" The leader came from the bushes and said, "What's going on?" Linda's skirt was caught by bush's. Everybody were scared by Linda's yelled! After that, we kept playing the game of hiding and seeking. Unfortunately, I was sought by the seeker first, then my turned to be the seeker. That was very interested in to seek everyone, the problem was that I didn't know where were they? I could not seek anyone for 45 minutes. At last, everybody came back from the another mountain. they made fun of me!

  We had a great great time! I think I can not forget about the School Camping Activities forever!





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