Different people have different ambitions. When children study at school, they already have their own ideals. Stone want to be engineers or doctors in the future. Others want to be artists or businessmen. Still others want to be teachers or lawyers. But few want to be farmers.

  Unlike most people, I choose to be a farmer in the future and make contributions to development of agriculture. Agriculture is essential to the national economy and the people's livelihood. Without it there won't be grains on which people survive. Nevertheless, farmers are ignored, even looked down upon by urban people. I determine to challenge the traditional idea and contribute to changing this situation.

  However, lt is not easy to he a modern farmer in the 21st century. A modern farmer must be equipped with a variety of knowledge such as chemlstry, biology and meteorology. Therefore, I must study conscientiously from now on so that I can get the chance to study as a postgraduate in an agricultural university.

  I believe only a man with scientific knowledge can meet the challenge of the 21st century and assume the task of modernizing agriculture.







  My University——Fudan

  No classical work could pervade every cubic centimeter of air with such cultural fragrance but she.

  No judicious sage could merge various elements as a magnificent poem but she.

  No green tree could consist of vivid cells arousing every heart's anxiety for being young forever but she.

  She is my university Fudan University.

  The first time I entered the campus as a freshman, I was deeply attracted by her cultural atmosphere and historical connotation. Fudan is a graceful lady who is accustomed to serenity but meanwhile each action of hers outpours her innermost tern perament. Apparently it is worth every effort to probe into her world for the sake of both physical and mental enrichment. Her humanistic spirit inspires me to care for everything around, even the most trivial one.

  On the other hand, catching up with the times, Fudan is modern and smart. You see, the many age-old buildings here are actually great libraries and labs. Scientific and technological developrnent is easily smelt in the air,because she never lags behind the world.

  Fabulously, such a historical and scientific school is far more than an operational mechanism. Her everlasting youth and vigor beam through every corner of the campus and the young in school vivify every piece of concrete and wood here. What makes me happy and strong is that it perpetuates me with unfading energy. And it is definitely beneficial for me to be granted enthusi

  Another deep impression of my university is her creativity and profundity. As is known to all, she has a wide range and comprehensive style. No wonder I can enjoy the multi-ceolored life here. Every school year a diversity of competitions and aetivities are held and a large number of students take active part in them. I do appreciate such a style, and in my mind's eye, she resembles a tall tree silhouetting with all shapes of branches while stretching far into the blue sky.

  Undoubtedly there is a world of difference between university and high school. University students are supposed to enjoy more freedom to develop themselves. However, Fudan seems more concerned about the efficient cooperation and teamwork among students as to prepare them for the competitive society. I believe upon graduation I will be equipped with abundant skills to face more unknown challenges.

  After all, in my opinion, university is for more cultivated character, richer knowledge and greater abilities. That's why I chose Fudan. She provides me with what I've dreamed of.

  Now all kinds of successes are in sight every day, and all I have to do is endeavor for a more beautiful future...


  The Qingming Festival or Tomb Sweeping Day is a traditional Chinese festival on the 104th day after the winter solstice, usually occurring around April 5 of the Gregorian calendar. The Qingming festival falls on the first day of the fifth solar term, named Qingming. Its name denotes a time for people to go outside and enjoy the greenery of springtime. On Qingming people go on family outings, start the spring plowing, sing, and dance. Qingming is also the time when young couples start courting. Another popular thing to do is to fly kites in the shapes of animals or characters from Chinese opera.


  Qingming Festival is when Chinese people visit the graves or burial grounds of their ancestors. Traditionally, people brought a whole rooster with them to the graves visited but the occasion has become less formal over time. The Qingming Festival is an opportunity for celebrants to remember and honor their ancestors at grave sites. Young and old pray before the ancestors, sweep the tombs and offer food, tea, wine, chopsticks, joss paper accessories, and/or libations to the ancestors. Another common practice is to carry flowers instead of burning paper, incense or firecrackers.



  My College

  When I was in high school, go to college ismy dream. Now I realize my dream. excited as I am, the first time I see mycollege.

  My college is inside the biggest universityof Guangxi so that everytime I have to across a big campus to go out. At first Iam upset about that, but later on I get used to it. My college looksmodernization in general. When I arrive at the school gate, the first thing isthe boys’ dormitory and then is the playground. Look up! I see the canteen. I seethe girls’ dormitory turn left. But where is my classroom? I look around butcan’t find it. It turns out that it is separated by burrows. It’s strange,right? While I go across the burrow, I see another two big playgrounds and a tenniscourt at my left side. What is in my right side? Turn right, I see rows ofteaching building connecting with the library. This is mycollege. I like it notonly because of the evironment but also the people there.

  Both the teachers and students there arevery nice. My roomates always help me in the daily life, the thing they usuallydo is wake me up in the morning. Other classmates always help me, when I meettrouble in study. My teachers are all kind and knowlegeable. Especially my headteacher, he talks with us and plays sports with us in order to make us get usedto the new life.

  My college is wonderful. I love it. If youhave the opportunity, I hope you can pay a visit one day.


  one afternoon, a close friend of mine came up to me ecitedly:

  julia, dont you know that theres a cherry tree in our school?

  a cherry tree? really? where?

  cherry trees were so scarce that i had only seen them in the film romantic cherry.

  in i garden. hurry! lets go and see it!

  i dropped my book and followed my friend out of the class

  as soon as i stepped into i garden, i began seeking the precious pink eagerly. and ho, there it was! in the distance,several pink clouds were floating above a small pavilion. that was it! my cherry tree!

  we quickened our steps. little by little, the gossamer like pink clouds grew bigger and bigger and at last seemed to occupy the blue sky when we were just standing under the cherry, on a small slope. beneath my feet, the soil was covered by fallen petals. what a wonderful eperience! stretching my arms widely, i felt as if flying in the air weightlessly in the world of pink.

  when a gentle breeze passed by, hundreds of petals parachuted down. they danced and whirled beautifully in the air and blurred my vision. the petals were so light that it took them some time to fall down onto the ground or into the pool.

  the petals lying on the ground joined their brothers and sisters to etend a pink carpet while those floating on the water were setting out on a mysterious journey.

  i surely will be sorry when all of the petals have fallen down. my friend said woefully.

  no. although they have left their home and have been separated from each other, they are still happy and composed and try to do their best where god place them. i said to myself,firmly and hopefully.

  简 评

  本文描写了樱桃树开花的美景和作者喜悦的心情。呈现在作者眼前的是一个粉红色的世界:头顶上漂浮着粉红色的“云彩”,脚下粉红色的花瓣覆盖着大地。作者对花瓣飘落的描写非常精彩:hundreds“petals parachuted down;they danced and whirled beautifully intheair,使读者仿佛身临其境。在作者笔下,这些花瓣都有了生命的灵气:落在地上的花瓣合力展开一块粉色的地毯,而落在水中的花瓣开始了它们的神秘之旅。



  still, every now and then, you get guys in here asking for art. i tell them, no. no art tonight, because it鈥檚 the truth, and then these guys usually turn right around and go back the way they came, heads bowed, sometimes, but always shaking, and they leave like they鈥檙e leaving a funeral, real solemn. and they are, really--even the regulars don鈥檛 come around anymore.

  when we had art, there was no room here for anything else. if you鈥檙e tired of standing around, the rumor went, just pick your feet up. they stood in line out the door, around the parking lot and back. they got food at the starvin鈥?marvin鈥檚 down the road and had picnics in the street, they had to wait so long. all just to take hold of the harness strapped to art鈥檚 back and have their turn flinging that damn midget as far as they could. we had waitresses too, the biggest waitresses available--si-foot-one the shortest of them. they broke up fights when the bouncers had trouble getting through the crowd, and they had free reign to clock any wise-ass copping a feel. it was easy to scam drinks, then, for then it was too busy for anyone to check up on you: a push here, a slide on the other end. a good bartender could clear a couple bills before he even started emptying his jar.

  now there鈥檚 supposed to be room in back for a kitchen, a deli, maybe, somewhere to make sandwiches, but these new owners don鈥檛 know a thing about running a place like this. the old guy, sam, sold out long ago. his wife and two daughters left him soon after art, like they knew things were only going to pot, and sam, he cracked--put every bit of his money into land, and bought up a long tract outside palatka. i heard he tried bringing his wife back by promising to build a house, but there鈥檚 no money to build a house. all he has is land, and he likes to sit back and admire the view. i hear he鈥檚 put up a roof, perched on the ends of two-by-four鈥檚, and there he鈥檚 got a cot, a 12-gauge with no ammunition, a tool chest, a rocking chair with a cracked runner, his rottweiller, kirkegaard (the dog came with that name), matches, lantern, a coleman cooler and a sink that isn鈥檛 connected. i hear he spends his days playing fetch with kirkegaard, and before throwing out that stick, i hear he looks off into the untamed woods that is his land and thinks of when the dance floor was nothing but a sea of heads topped with waitresses like foam riding over wakes, like mermaids, the people brimming and sweating and clenching their fists, all wanting to get their hands on art, who waited for them in his bright yellow jumpsuit, grinning as if he couldn鈥檛 wait to be thrown again...

  but you should have seen that little guy fly through the air--turning, i tell you, turning in the air, spinning around like a bagel, like a goddamn egg bagel on the wing. and everyone wanted a piece of him.


  My College---My New Life

  New life begins! I've been expecting this moment for a long time.Finally,I become a college student .

  All good things must come to an end ! I am now apart from my family members and many good friends.I am awared that I will have to do everything on my own .

  Being responsible is the exact thing that I am supposed to think about! I'm now dealing something responsibly with my new rommates.I enjoy being together with them,they just like my good friends in high school,being kind and thoughtful !

  My college is a place for a new beginning ,I'm sure I'm taking a new life ,everything here is full of challenge,quite different from things in high school,teachers are not going to tell you exactly what you are going to do ,you will have to make your own decisions.

  So far,I'm geting along so well with people aroud me ,college provides me with chances and challenge,I'm going to make a difference to my life!And I have every confidence on myself.I will still have to move on......


  Language varies from country to country. It differs not only in written and spoken language but also in gestures.

  Once my American teacher, Dr. Joe Johnson, went ont shopping. He was surprlsed to find out that he couldn‘t even count on his fingers proficiently in China. He tried to buy six oranges. The orange seller couldn‘t understand his two handed counting when he showed him five left hand fingers and one right hand finger. He was also confused when a driver said he would pick him up at six o‘clock, and held his right band in a gesture familiar to himself. The gesture was not familiar as a six. It resembled a pipe.

  There were no trouble with the numbers one, four, and five. In China, we show the middle and index fingers to mean two, but, for the Americans, it means victory. The Chinese guesture for three, to Americans. means "okay." The Chinese seven is like many people from southern Europe aad the Middle East gesture to mean "money". A Chinese eight is like a symbol for a pistol. A Chinese nine in an American TV studio means that you have thirty seconds left to finish what you are doing. And a Chinese ten, to an American, can be an expression of anger, but not if there is a pleasant Chinese face behind it!


  A Star Teacher

  Like most of my classmates, I regard our biochemistry teacherProfessor Wang Weida as a star teacher, for he has many of the qualities that students appreciate in an instructor.

  First, he organizes the class well. We particularly welcome the schedules of assignments that he gives us at the beginning of the term.Having an idea of an entire frame of the knowledge planned to learn in the semester, we are able to budget our time more efficiently.Moreover, Professor Wang promptly corrects and returns papers and tests, which enables students to learn from their mistakes and to produce better work in their next as signments.

  Second, he is patient. When introducing new and difficult points, he tries to explain it fully. What's more, he pays serious attention to all our questions. In his lecture, we never feel embarrassed to ask a weak or irrelevant question.

  Third, Professor Wang expresses himself clearly. He does not speak too fast, and his voice is loud so that it can be heard by everyone in the room.

  Finally, he is really an interesting guy. He grasps the attention of his class through his sense of humor. To emphasize important points in a lecture, he often tells witty stories about it and impresses us deeply in laughing.

  A thoughtful and dedicated man, Professor Wang is generally regarded as a successful university instructor.


  By the time children enter school, they’ll have spent up to one-third of their waking hours in front of TV. The enormous influence of television is just beginning to be realized. While many parents take television as an electronic baby-sitter, they neglect the fact that television may be more harmful than it is beneficial to children.

  Those who encourage small children to watch television claim that many programs for children on TV are helpful to develop children’s interest and enrich their knowledge. They also argue that preoccupied with TV programs, children are prevented from doing mischief. Although at a first glance these arguments sound true, the behavior of some children doesn’t seem to prove them.

  In the first place, programs for children are not always beneficial to them. One science fiction serial keeps telling about some supernatural beings who can fly and always fight against evildoers. After watching several episodes, a small child was so enchanted that he imitated the heroes and “flew” from his room on the second floor. There are also reports of children running away from home to the mountains to practice martial art. These incidents are naturally credited with TV programs for children.

  Further, being preoccupied with TV programs is not a good way for avoiding mischief. In the days before TV, parents used to gather together with their children, telling stories or reading poems to them. The communication between parents and children was thus better, so it was easier for children to understand what was good conduct.

  Those who approve of children’s watching TV neglect television’s bad effects on children. Firstly, children are surrounded and bombarded by commercials for toys and foods. They are tempted into becoming consumers. They earnestly ask their parents to buy things which they do not really need. As a result, the parents are in a financial dilemma, and the children themselves always become victims of bad products because of false advertising.

  Another bad effect of television is that children are over-exposed to violence. They watch hours of murders, fights, and crimes every week, with no adult around to tell them that life is not like that most of the time. The effect of the heavy dose of violence is to suggest to children that violence is an ordinary way of life, and that shooting and cheating are ways to success.

  Most serious of all, children who often watch TV are becoming passive. They just sit back and let things happen to them. Children are inventive; they have the ability to imagine a whole world of their own. But what happens when their imagination is not needed, when TV does all the imagination for them? Obviously, these children are not going to grow up as inventive and imaginative as their parents, for they have been robbed of creative impulses by television.

  To sum up, children’s indulgence in television is harmful. The problem, nevertheless, is not one of prohibition. Parents should supervise and guide their children’s watching TV instead of parking them in front of the tube, hoping it will act as a baby-sitter.