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  How many times I have seen a company or organisation habitually waste good food?! Too many times!

  They are well-meaning people and they'd like to give away the food instead of wasting it by putting it in the dustbin.

  They'd maybe like to give the food to the needy or the poor and there's probably a few beggars just along the road if anyone was kind enough to go along and see if they are hungry.

  So why don't they do it? Reason: Too many stupid rules! Just as surely as there's no pig bin anymore for food to be recycled as pork there's no "well let's give it to the beggars!".

  Apparently beggars can in theory take the company to court if they are made ill by the food.

  Not that they are seriously going to be made ill by perfectly good food and not that most beggars have the money to start a legal case.

food waste初中英语作文2

  It’s near the end of this year and many companies or units hold their annual meetings in this period. Most of the meetings are held in hotels or restaurants.

  But a terrible phenomenon has aroused much concern that is food waste.

  It’s reported that after a banquet the waste of ort reaches to 40 percent which is a huge waste.

  Even worse the dishes are often very expensive. Some waiters say a table leftovers is their one week wages or more.

  On the contrary we should be noticed that in many places in China or in the world there are many people never have a full meal. The food we waste is the feast they can’t expect.

  Are you hurt by the both two extreme?

  I think you are or you should be. On the one hand the leftovers cost much money and labor but they do not be treasured.

  On the other hand some people struggle their whole life and never get a full meal. I hope people can pay more attention to food waste and remind of ourselves every day that do not waste any food.

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  Have you found that there are a small number of students who threw rubbish about after eating their fast food these days.

  They threw the packing boxes or paper everywhere in the school yard--on the corridor, on flight of steps, under stairs, on the playground, in the lawn, on the bush, under the wall, into the pool and so on…What was worse, some students put the rubbish into others' bike basket.

  I think it is a bad phenomenon. Not only will it do harm to our health, but also it will do harm to students' moral upbringing.

  So I think it is necessary for us to do something to put a check on this kind of behavior.

  We can tell teachers if we see someone who throws the rubbish, or we can go up to him and tell him it is not good to do that.

  Such goings on will have to stop!

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  China has launched a national campaign "Eat up All on the Plates" . for the leftovers in restaurants across the country are almost enough to feed 200 million people annually according to reports.

  It is a tradition for most people in China to entertain their quests with more than enough food believing that they have not satisfied their guests if there's no food left on the table which they think is a good way to show their hospitality.

  They think they will be looked down upon if they don't do that.

  The "Eat Up All on the Plates" campaign is intended to reduce the waste and raise people's awareness.

  As middle school students we should do our bit to say "No" to food waste and try to develop the habit of never ordering or cooking more than what we need so as to save our limited food resources on which we depend for a better life.

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