体育锻炼 Sports in China

  Most people in China like playing sports, because it’s a good way to keep healthy.


  In big cities, people play many kinds of sports. The old people always get up early to play Talchi or go for a walk. The middle-aged people often dance together in squares in the evening, which has become a tradition. While the young like going swimming in summer and go skating in winter.


  What’s more, there are some other popular sports in China, such as table tennis, football, basketball, volleyball, badminton and so on..What is your favorite sport? Can you tell me?



  万圣节 Halloween

  Halloween always falls on 31 October. It’s a holiday for children. On that day, children always wear fancy clothes and masks. And then, they go from house to house to say “Trick or Treat”, so that people will treat them with candies. If they don’t receive any candies, they’ll play a trick on people. But sometimes if the people are going out, when the children come, they’ll put the candies in a carved pumpkin lanterns. Children will take the candies themselves. All of the children enjoy this holiday very much.



  大雨过后 Over the Heavy Rain

  Many years ago, before I moved to the city, I lived in a small town. I was so close to the nature, I could see the mountain and the clear water. I remember the town became especially beautiful after the heavy rain, the air was so fresh and I felt a little cozy, it was like a gift from god in the hot summer. The mountain looked so clear over the heavy rain, it just washed by the rain. The things around me were so green. I love living in the town, I especially like the town when it was washed by the rain. At that moment, nature and me were united, we just like a group.



  关于我自己 Something about Me

  Hello, everyone. My English name is Sisi .I am a middle school student.


  My favorite animals are dolphins and rabbits. I think dolphins are smart and friendly, and rabbits are cute and a little bit quiet. Do you like koalas? They are one of Australian’s native animals. Well, to tell you the truth, I don't like them very well, because I think they are ugly.


  I like reading books! What an interesting thing it is! From books, I can read so many good stories, For example, The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, this story is imaginary and powerful.

  我喜欢阅读书籍!阅读是多么有趣的一件事啊! 从书中,我可以读到很多好的故事,例如,《狮子、女巫和魔衣橱》这个故事是虚构的,而且也是很强大的。

  I like spring, and I think spring is the most beautiful season in the year. It’s a warm time. The winter is good, too. We can play snow and make snowman.



  I’m Tom. I’m a student in Grade 7. My school life is interesting. I like it very much. I have 5 classes in the morning and 3 classes in the afternoon. I study English, Chinese, math and some other subjects. I like English best because it’s easy and interesting. I don’t like math because I always meet difficulties in studing math. I try hard but it doesn't work at all. After class, I often play basketball with my classmates. I go to the school library for some reading twice a week. I like my school life. What about yours? Can you tell me something about it?



  My Opinion on Cheating in Examinations 我对考试作弊的看法

  It is known to us all that some students cheat in examinations at school.

  As students, we often take examinations at school, but sometimes we have too many examinations which are too difficult for us. On the other hand, some of us are lazy and don't work hard at their lessons. So when taking examinations, they sometimes cheat in order to get better results to please their parents and teachers.

  In my opinion, it is wrong to cheat in examinations because it breaks the rules of schools. We students should be honest and try to get good results by studying hard instead of cheating in examinations. What's more, we should improve our study methods and get well prepared for examinations.


  July 2 is my grand father's birthday. On that day, all of my families will get together to celebrate his birthday. This year was the same. My uncles and aunt came back from other cities. It was so alive that my grand parents were very happy. This year, I made a surprise for my grand father. I cooked a dish for him. As I never cooked before, he was so surprised as well as exciting. My grand father said that it was the best birthday gift he received. I was glad to make grand father happy. Actually, I had practiced for several days before that day. My mum was my cooking teacher. She supported me to prepare this gift to grand father.



  Protect Our Eyes

  Nowadays, there are more and more students becoming short-sighted. Some students get short-sightedness when they are little. There are fifteen students wearing glasses in my class. Being short-sighted is common among students, even in primary school. That is too serious. Therefore, we should protect our eyes carefully. When we are reading and writing, we should keep a standard posture. Besides, we should not watch TV or play computer for too long. They are bad for our eyes. And, we should do eyes exercises regularly. A good rest is also important to our eyes. In all, eyes are the windows of our mind. We should keep it healthy.



  My best friend

  My best friend is Mary. She lives in a tall building. She lives on the fifth floor. Everyday she takes the lift up and down. She is twelve years old. She is tall and thin. She has short black hair, two big eyes and a small mouth. She is very cute. I like playing with her. We are in the same class. I like to read books but she likes playing games. She likes to eat popcorn and ice creams. I like them, too. Her favourite food is fish, so she is clever. She loves her cat. She often plays with her. The cat likes Mary, too. They are cute.

  Do you have a best friend? Can you tell me something about your friend?


  I am a lively and cheerful girl, my name is Chen shuo, look at this name, perhaps some people will think I am a boy, actually I am a character more extroverted girl. Because my father's name is Chen, and I have a master's degree, so the whole family wants me to be a master as well as my father.

  I have a jet-black hair and like to comb a horse's tail. I had an oval face, like a small egg, in the oval face, with big, bright eyes and black eyes, like a black grape. My nose is high, my mouth is red, I never stop talking, I really like the face my mother gave me. I am twelve years old. I am the only child in my family, and I am the apple of my eye. My father and mother always love me.

  Learning while no one in the class, I was a minor celebrity, my popularity is very good also, have more than half of the class are my good friend, and my "bosom friend". Not only do I have many friends, but I also have many hobbies, such as: "painting, playing computer, swimming, playing the piano, reading... I like reading books best. When I was very young, my father bought me a lot of reading manuals, and often read stories to me, so to speak, I spent my childhood in the sea of books. As my age, my family's book more and more, and now my house is like a small library, books are everywhere, () is my own book, countless put two whole cabinet. Although I have always been very frugal, but I am not stingy with buying books, as long as I like practical books, and not very expensive, I will buy immediately. Sometimes I come across a good book, and because the price is too expensive to buy, I will be willing to turn over and over again, so every time I enter the bookstore, I will look at it for a long time. Gorky once said, "books are the ladder of human progress." And I firmly believe that good books can accompany my life. I often miss other things because of reading, so my father and mother often enlighten me to say, "you should learn to read and stop". Sometimes I am vexed, think to go, I make up my mind, must learn restraint, restraint again!

  This is me, a little girl who loves reading.







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