no waste food初中作文带翻译


  no waste food初中作文带翻译

  1Never Wasting the Food

  When I was small, I like to eat a lot of food, but I have a habit, I will not eat up all the food, I just like to taste all of it.

  When my mother saw this, she felt bad for me, she told me that all the food was the farmers’ hard work, I should not waste it. Thinking about this, I felt so shameful about my bad behavior, I decided to eat up the food. Wasting the food should be condemned, especially in the cities, people like to waste the food, they want to keep thin and only eat small portion.

  Now, the government advocates people clean the plate, this movement is welcomed by the public, more and more people have the idea not to waste the food.




  no waste food初中作文带翻译

  2no wasting on food

  Recently, nearly 26 restaurants in Nanjing have joined the "Clearing Your Plate" campaign against wasting food by offering smaller dishes.

  I believe it is meaningful /necessary/important for us to take an active part in this activity.

  It is a waste of food and money if we order too much food. Meanwhile, the environment will be polluted by the wasted food. Also, eating too much is bad for our health. We should take action to support the campaign.

  First, we should eat up all the food in our dishes and plates. Second, we may order less or smaller dishes in the restaurant. Third, we can take the leftovers home and enjoy them later.

  In a word, I think it is our duty to refuse the waste of food.






  3Prohibit waste of food

  How many times I have seen a company or organisation habitually waste good food?!Too many times!They are well-meaning people, and they'd like to give away the food instead of wasting it by putting it in the dustbin. They'd maybe like to give the food to the needy or the poor, and there's probably a few beggars just along the road if anyone was kind enough to go along and see if they are hungry.

  So why don't they do it? Reason: Too many stupid rules! Just as surely as there's no pig bin anymore for food to be recycled as pork (because of various ill conceived ideas about the health of pigs if they eat other people's sunday lunches and leftovers), there's no "well let's give it to the beggars!".

  Apparently, beggars can in theory take the company to court if they are made ill by the food. Not that they are seriously going to be made ill by perfectly good food, and not that most beggars have the money to start a legal case.

  多少次我曾见过一个公司或组织经常浪费食物好吗? !太多次了!他们是善意的人们,他们想放弃食物,而不是浪费它把它的垃圾箱。他们也许想把食物给穷人还是穷人,可能有几个乞丐沿路是否有人好心地看看他们饿了。



  4Don’t waste any more

  Food is important to us. It’s everyone’s duty to save food. But at school not everyone can realize this. Many students waste much food.

  For example, some students buy more food than they need. They leave much on the plate and then pour it into the rubbish can. Some students even throw the food everywhere for fun. Our country is a developing county. In order to make China dream come true, we should save everything as well as the food in our life. What’s more, lots of people are short of food in the world.

  They live a hard life and many of them, especially some children, die of hunger. We should have a good habit. Let’s take an action part together!




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