Recycling Waste

  根据下列六幅图画,以Recycling Waste为题目,写一篇100左右英语单词的短文。
  【参考答案】People plant a great number of young trees in the mountains.When the trees grow big and tall enough,they are cut down by workers and carried out of the mountains to the paper mill where fine paper is made from wood.Then it is taken to every corner of the country and used for different purposes.Some people use paper to copy writing,others use it to write something such as letters,reports and articles.When paper turns out to be of no use,the waste paper is collected and retreated in the recycling factory before being put into use again.(102)
  【解题导引】要写好短文,必须首先根据六幅图提供的信息把握好文章的.两个主题,即How Paper Is Made和How Paper Is Recycled,然后至少用一句话来表述每一幅图画所覆盖的内容要点,最后适当添加一些过渡句和衔接词,将六幅图画形成一篇连贯的文章。另外,这是一篇说明文,宜采用一般现在时态。

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