三分钟感恩英语演讲稿 篇1

Teachers, students:

  Good morning, everyone!

  Thanksgiving, is ubiquitous. What is the reason that I stand here? Is gratitude. Thanks to the support of my teachers and classmates love, thanks to the school to give the opportunity to thank for a mother for the cultivation of thanks to my own effort. Because thanks to these, I will stand here today

  I know, we should be thankful, grateful to our parents of fertility and gratefulness. Parents to our care and love, parents of selfless dedication to us, we should feel very satisfied and happy.

  I know, we should be thankful, grateful to our training school, she gave us a good learning environment, provide us with a lot of opportunities, she can let us stand on the stage of this sacred in the great hall of the people, this makes me unforgettable. The dictionary composition nets:

  I know, we should be thankful, grateful to our teachers every, is he (she) brings us from the first grade of ignorance; The innocence of second grade; Grade three naughty; In fourth grade restlessness; The growth of grade five, into today -- a graduating sixth graders. He (she) are among this shed too much sweat and hard work.

  I know, we should be thankful, grateful to give us the gift of nature, the blue sky white clouds, lakes, sea, sunshine, fresh air, flowers and green grass, full of boundless universe.

  Gratitude is not only a kind of etiquette, but also a healthy mind. Let each of us with a grateful heart.

  Thank you all!










三分钟感恩英语演讲稿 篇2

  First of all, I would like to thank today that I can stand here to participate in the activities of all the people, including me. The topic of my speech today is "thankful heart".

  Some say, forget gratitude is human nature. When we accidentally came to this world, haven't had time to do anything, we have already started to enjoy the former brings us all material and spiritual achievements. It's remind every one of us, to have a grateful heart.

  Have a heart of gratitude, more respect. Respect for life, respect for labor, respect creation. Hearts with gratitude, a generation of great men - small - deng ping said in three score and ten "I am the son of the Chinese people, I deeply love my country and my people!" With a grateful heart, the poet ai qing wrote in his poem: "why my eyes full of tears, because I have deep love to this land." Heard of the story of a man apologized to the tree? Heard of all the running car to make way for the dog's story? The true story, touched by a love of life, moved by people respect for life. When we enjoy a clean environment every day, we would like to thank those cleaning workers; When we move to a new house, we would like to thank those construction workers; When we travel, would like to thank the driver... Understand thank you, you will be looked upon with equal every life, to treat everyone around us, an ordinary ordinary labor, respect each also respect yourself more.

  Have a heart of gratitude, more can realize his duty. In modern society, everyone has their own duties, their value. When one of China's top ten XX touched xu benyu screen, goodness of human nature was lit again, this was originally the college students into graduate school, but they threw into the mountains from the bustling city. This extraordinary feat hurt everyone's eyes, each person heart is also lit up a smoldering fire. And let him to make a choice of the reason is simple: with a grateful heart. Xu benyu with his gratitude for the mountains children paved the road to a love, lit the poverty and hope, completed his duty, realize the value of his life.

  With a grateful heart, is not a simple endurance and tolerance, more not q, but with a generous mind brave face life positively. I believe, the most warm day from the cold, I believe, the most warm is an understanding of the cold, moved in a kind of gratitude. One must learn to Thanksgiving, to life with a grateful heart, heart to real happiness. A person without gratitude, heart is all empty. "YangYouGuiRuZhiEn", "crow has feedback of grace", "send person rose, the hand have lingering fragrance", "give me your hand, and son xielao," these are due to have a grateful heart, sweet, freely available.

  So I want to thank you, my life of passers-by, let me know how light fades to don't tie to the mind, thank you, come and go, I will cherish; Thank you, all the teachers in my life, let me know how precious knowledge, thank you, following years, I will remember; Thank you, my life close to close friend, share happy with you, sad have to listen to you, thank you, busy, I won't forget; Thank you, I to really beloved relatives, in the course of time, quietly watch over me, shelter from the rain, let me in happiness to be loved also learned how to love others, thank you, day and night, I have in my heart.

  Thank day litres of sunset, thank happy pain, thanks to the earth, the sky thank heaven all the stars, thanks to life, thanks to get and lose everything, and nothing had lost everything, let me in the season of the grass sprout out of the earth came up the beauty of life!

  My friends, let us with a grateful heart facing the world! Let's hearts with gratitude to our life! As long as our life is full of gratitude, full of hope and passion, our society will be less criticism and shuffle, more tolerant and understanding, would be less quarrel with indifference, and - more harmony and warm, would be less tricking and dysfunctional, more sincere and unity, our spiritual home will forever young...

  Finally, let's get together again to listen to this song "grateful heart" : Thanksgiving heart, thank you, with my life, let me have the courage to do myself, Thanksgiving heart, thank fate, flowers bloom, I cherish.

  Today my speech to this end, thank you.











三分钟感恩英语演讲稿 篇3

  Then, as a middle school student, how thanksgiving?

  First thanksgiving their parents, because everyone’s life is a continuation of the parents of one blood, all of the parents gave us love, let us enjoy the human world of affection and happiness, therefore, we would like to thank the parents.

  Teachers are our growth, are our friends, teachers care for us , their words and deeds, let us benefit for life, we pay for teachers efforts and sweat, we should thanksgiving teachers.

  Students study the lives of our fellow students to encourage each other, help each other, to jointly overcome difficulties and setbacks, the common taste of succeand happinelearning, we should be grateful for every day and we accompanied the students.

  Thanksgiving-fighting, thanksgiving unlimited! students, and society thanksgiving! let us always to the life caring and full of love and love!







三分钟感恩英语演讲稿 篇4

  dear students, our way of life is always sunny, blue skies, which in the end the most dazzling ray of sunlight? it was said to be excellent academic performance, it was said to be given to help others ... ... and i think that our way of life of the most brilliant sunshine should be reported to belong to the temple map, help us to grow thanks to everyone. yes, the institute of thanksgiving is a feeling, the institute of thanksgiving, but also a character. as teachers and our students, the most important gratitude is a school. schools to give us a big growth stage of life: bright and spacious classrooms, new desks and chairs, air-conditioned and well-being, as well as multi-media facilities, has provided us with an attractive learning environment. read one book bright and clean rooms, provides us with knowledge of the marine tour; flat beautiful big playground, provided us with a good place for the exercise, and pottery room, computer room, dance room, multi-purpose hall, and so on, no school is not out of devotion to our selfless love! however, in these beautiful places, often with some notes of discord. read books in one room, some students read the book, abandonment, i do not know the original release, there is more tear, using the phenomenon of the book; when the red and green and white artificial big playground to open it selfless embrace, and some of the scenes of discord hurt our eyes: a wide range of confetti, colorfu

  l tang zhi, and scattered in all corners of the shell seeds, chewing gum, etc. the list goes on of these!

  students, please put your hand on his chest ask ourselves: "i do a thanksgiving school?

  students, let us now work together, with their good health habits to school thanksgiving, thanksgiving, so that the flowers on campus and open more beautiful.


三分钟感恩英语演讲稿 篇5

  students, we come from? to hear this question, i am sure you will say that parents are taken to put us up in the world. yes ah, one day more than a decade ago, our parents happy with tears and smiles to greet the arrival of the u.s.. but when we came to the world the moment that many parents have a hard job - we take care of. this is even though a heavy burden, but has no complaints to parents raising me up.

  in order to give us a comfortable living environment, they are always so hard, then the effort. small, i always treat this issue as a matter of course, because i do not know, nor do i know the hard work of parents. now, i grew up, and i know with a heart of thanksgiving to appreciate their parents, should take on, take care of, the responsibility of your parents

  there is an old said: "the milk of the sheep have to kneel tu, a feed has meaning." bit by bit, our growth can not be separated from their parents to help when the water springs of the tu reported that, therefore, we should know how to feel gratitude for it, know how to thank their parents .

  call us first time parents, first step towards independence, the first to write a word askew when ... ... are parents around to teach us patience. parents, are giving us god does not require any modification of the sustenance of the soul.

  when we are confronted with difficulties, to devote all of us to help people, their parents are.

  when we are wronged, to be patient to listen to our cry of the people, their parents are.

  when we make mistakes, he will not hesitate to forgive us who are parents.

  when we succeed, would like for us to celebrate, to share with us the pleasure, are the parents.

  and now far away in our field study, it is still concerned about our parents.

  ... ...

  now i left the distant parents, came here, the mother will ask me homesick, i very firmly said: "no, certainly not!"

  but to the school, in the face of unfamiliar faces unfamiliar environment, i want to cry well. are upset when the home to the phone, the mother the right to ask me please. my tears quickly down, and tried to not let her find.

  not familiar with the latter slowly, although it was no longer such as homesickness, but there are always unhappy when the advent of a lot of times at night, when feeling lonely, they will naturally think of distant family members, think of it in the remote mountain village in their own lives more than a dozen of the spring and autumn, and a phone call out greetings and listen to the voices of parents and that kind.