My dream
  Students, guests , teachers and honorable judges
  Good morning !
  My great pleasure to share my dream with you today. my dream is to become a teacher…
  As the whole world has its boundaries, limits and freedom coeist in our life. i don’t epect complete freedom, which is impossible. i simply have a dream that supports my life.
  I dream that one day, i could escape from the deep sea of thick schoolbooks and lead my own life. with my favorite fictions, i lie freely on the green grass, smelling the spring, listening to the wind singing, breathing the fresh and cool air and dissolve my soul in nature at last. si-mp-le and short enjoyment can bring me great satisfaction.
  I dream that one day the adults could throw their prejudice of comic and cartoon away. they could keep a lovely heart that can share sorrow and happinewith us while watching cartoon or doing personal things. that’s the real communication of heart to heart.
  I have the belief that my dreams should come true. i am looking forward to some day coming when i am like a proud eagle, which flies to the blue and vast sky.
  Everyone has their own dreams, I am the same. But my dream is not a lawyer, not a doctor, not actors, not even an industry. Perhaps my dream big people will find it ridiculous, but this has been my pursuit! My dream is to want to have a folk life! I want it to become a beautiful painting, it is not only sharp colors, but also the colors are bleak, I do not rule out the painting is part of the black, but I will treasure these bleak colors! Not yet, how about, a colorful painting, if not bleak, add color, how can it more prominent American? Life is like painting, painting the bright red color represents life beautiful happy moments. Painting a bleak color represents life difficult, unpleasant time. You may find a flat with a beautiful road is not very good yet, but I do not think it will. If a person lives flat then what is the point? Life is only a short few decades, I want it to go Finally, Each memory is a solid.
  My dream
  Good afternoon:
  Honorable judges,dear teachers and close friends.I’m very glad to stand here to share my speech with you.Today I’m going to talk about dreams.
  Everyone has a dream.
  Martin Luther King had a dream-and we can all recall his Civil Rights Speech.Phil Knight had a dream-and now the whole world knows his Nike Slogan“Just Do It”!
  I also have a dream,but not only a si-mp-le one.
  When I was in primary school,my dream was that I would be a doctor when I grew up.I’ll be the first person who produces a new
  medicine.This kind of medicine can make teachers relax when they are busy correcting their students’ exercises and preparing their lessons.Because one day when I woke up at midnight,I found my father,a senior Chinese teacher,was still busy with his work.I was deeply moved.I wish my father could be healthy and relaxed every minute.
  Now I’m a senior Grade Two student,all my classmates and I are working hard,we all know the College Entrance Examination which will come in the year of 2005 is a big problem for us.We must study harder and harder in order to go to a good university,then when we finish our school,we can find a good job in society.My dream is also that.Though now I’m not good at study,I’ll try my best.
  I know fantasy is hard to come true,bue dream can.
  I’ll work hard for my dreams,I’ll never give up.
  My Dream
  Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls,
  Good afternoon! Before I speak, may I ask you a question? Did you ever have any dreams ? Maybe some of you had good dreams or maybe some of you had bad dreams.Or maybe some never have any dreams. I am pretty sure that you will have the same dream after I finish my short speech. My topic today is “ my life time dream”。
  Today, I stand here. I feel very excited and proud . First, please allow me to introduce myself. I’m ****** and I’m from a small countryside. As we all know that life in the countryside is not easy.
  In my college most of my classmates who come from the countryside share the same dream: they wish they could live a better life in the city.I could understand their feelings. It is true that life in the countryside is hard and poor.But what if everybody chooses to live in the city, who is going to help those poor farmers? Who is going to bring changes to the place that has nourishes us, a place that I have great feelings ? I can't join my classmates.I have made up my mind to go back to my hometown after graduation. When I was little I had dreamed of ma-ki-ng my hometown a better place.
  Now a student majored in Computer Science ,(www.fwsir.com) I’ll try my best to acquire knowledge .In the future, I will devote all my life for my hometown.
  Where there’s a will, there’s a way. I believe great changes will take place in my hometown.It will become more beautiful.People there will live a better life. I’m a boy from the countryside .I know I have inherited unyielding and unconquerable from farms; I have inherited kind and heartedly like fire .Let’s look forward to the dawn of better days .
  So now you all know what “My dream” is.It is a beautiful dream and it will become true.
  Thank you for giving me this chance to reveal my beautiful dream. I wish all your beautiful dreams come true, too.Good luck and god bleyou.


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