Fellow tourists, now our automobile is going on the Badaling highway,must enter the Badaling scenic area immediately which soon visits.Front that mountain is the Jundu, the Badaling Great Wall occupies onthis mountain. In the Spring and Autumn Period Warring States time,our country ancient times the people on already started to constructthe Great Wall, at that time the feudal lord strove for hegemony, inorder to protect own territory not to encroach, therefore hasconstructed the Great Wall in abundance in respective boundary, wascalled mutually guards against the Great Wall.
  But our country once appeared three to construct the Great Wall thepeak, respectively was the Qin Great Wall, the Chinese Great Wall,bright Great Wall. Chin Shihhuang in 221 B.C. unified area south ofYellow River, has established the Qin dynasty, in order to strengthenthe rule north, defends nomads' invasion, therefore will send thesenior general to hoodwink 300,000 armies and very many laborforces the original north swallow, Zhao, the Qin Great Wall haslinked, and performed to expand, the lasted 9 years constructed westnear east to be continuous Wan Li to Liaodong the Great Wall, thisalso will be in the Chinese history the together Great Wall. To theHan Dynasty, Martial emperor of Han dynasty also was for strengthenthe defense, “was not called Hu Madu the Yin”, has constructed anearly 20,000 mile Great Wall, simultaneously this also has protectedthe new development Silk Road, the Chinese Great Wall is the Qin GreatWall together the front position and the defense line, west itXinjiang, east arrived Liaodong, was in the Chinese history constructsthe Great Wall longest dynasty. But the bright Great Wall is in theChinese history constructs the Great Wall the high point, the projectis big, essence of the technical is unique. Same year Zhu Yuanzhangestablished Ming Dynasty in the unification nation in the process, hasaccepted “Gao Zhuqiang, Guang Jiliang, slow name king” suggestion. Atthat time Yuan Dynasty although already perished, but also ismaintaining the quite complete military power, in addition graduallyrises Nuzhen race's unceasing invasion, therefore starts to constructthe Great Wall. The Ming Dynasty large-scale constructed the GreatWall to achieve 18 were next many, only then basically has last yearsfinished to the Ming Dynasty, east nearby Liaoning Dandong YaluRiver's Hushan, west to Gansu Jiayuguan's bright Great Wall span 6,350kilometers. The bright Great Wall has three characteristics, buildsthe construction completely, manages the consummation, the layout isstrict. But we saw today the Badaling Great Wall is a bright GreatWall's part. But Great Wall in our country ancient times mostprimitive goal although is the defense, but at the same time it alsoplayed other roles. First is the military function, the second pieceis the economical function, it not only promoted the development andthe northern border economy development which opens up wasteland,moreover also is the area south of Yellow River common people enjoys agood and prosperous life, third promoted various nationalities'fusion. In addition, it has also protected the communication andpromoted the to foreign countries opening up. What is worthmentioning, in our country ancient times, not only only has thesethree time constructs the Great Wall the experience, according to thestatistics, in about in 2000, successively some more than 20 feudallords country and the feudal dynasty all has constructed the GreatWall, some people have made the sketchy computation, if the Great Wallwill rebuild together the height 5 meters, the depth 1 meter big wall,will many circle the Earth 10 many all to have the wealth. Famousfolklore: The beacon-fire play feudal lord and Meng Jiangnyu cry GreatWall also is occurs in the Great Wall. Now, the Great Wall afterpasses through several time repairs and maintains, basically restoredthe former appearance, is included in 1987 by the United NationsEducational, Scientific and Cultural Organization “World cultureInheritance Name list”, moreover it or now in world longest defensivecity wall! Proliferated the our country 16 areas, the span hasachieved 10. 80,000 miles.
  We passed through a moment ago the road, took place in Yu Guangou.Guan Gou is the Mt. yanshan sierra and Jundu sierra junction meetingplace, south Changping area Nankouzhen, northwest to Yanqing CountyBadaling Great Wall's area just outside the city gate, span 40 miles.Is the area south of Yellow River area leads to northwest plateau thepharynx and larynx important highway. The Ming Dynasty has arrangedfour defense lines in here, respectively is the Nankou pass, occupiesthe commonplace pass, on closes, Badaling. Folds on the green jademountain in Guan Gouzhong, once had Jin Dynasty famous Yanjing one ofeight scenery: Occupies commonplace folds the green jade, what a pitynow the landscape already no longer existed.
  We saw a moment ago that railroad was designs the construction by ourChinese the first railroad, designs Peking-Kalgan line by ZhanTianyou. Because Badaling area topography complex, the technicaldifficulty are very many, therefore Zhan Tianyou designs the personfont railroad, the success solved the train not to be able directly toclimb and the curve difficult problem, but made a connection longreaches 1,091 meters tunnels also to sigh the Chinese and foreignpublic figure the clothing. Now the bronze statue which sets up in theblack dragon bridge train station is Zhan Tianyou, but also has themonument.
  Closes the ditch because of to occupy the commonplace pass but to befamous, we may see front the grand construction occupies thecommonplace pass, its name origins from the Qin dynasty, to ChinShihhuang moves “the commonplace person” in here to live thereforeacquires fame. In the area inside the great wall, some famous whitemarble Shitai, It is Yuan Dai as soon as has sat the streettower, above originally has three Tibet type pagoda, destroyed in theafterwards earthquake. The Ming Dynasty in the original position ] hasestablished the Tai'an temple, but has been destroyed in the KangxiDynasty, only leaves behind now us to see the column foundation andlooks the column. Baiyu Shitaithe area has 310 square meter under Ticket Gate onto engrave has the lion, the elephant, the weird creature, relief andso on Jin Chiniao, separately represented the Buddhism Dense Ancestor fivesides five Buddha's place to ride, but also had Tianlongbabu toprotect buddhist law the deity the relief. On the endophragm also hadthe four great heavenly gods relief and the god beastly design, theticket goes against also covers entirely datura's pattern, in theflower has engraved has the image of Buddha, altogether 2,215. Alsosome six kind of languages engrave “tuoluoNepal After Incantation” and “Make TowerMerit To record”, these all are Yuan Dai artistic high-quality goods,has the very high artistic value.
  The Badaling Great Wall is in the bright Great Wall's outstandingrepresentative, because here extends in all directions, thereforebecomes Badaling. Possibly everybody can ask that, why has to speakthe Great Wall to construct in here? Actually this mainly is becauseof the Badaling area important geographical position. It not only isguarding the bright imperial tomb, moreover also is Beijing'snorthwest front door.
  The Badaling Great Wall is in the history many significant eventstestimonies, for example the dreary queen mother Patrols Good fortune, Yuan Taizuenters the pass, west Empress Dowager Cixi runs away and so on,Badaling all is after all the road. Speaks of here, but also somestory must say for everybody: Is located closes the east end gateroadside, some megalith, the fable the Eight Power Expeditionary Forceattacked into Beijing in 1900, Cixi runs away in the west on the waypasses through here, once stood in this stone other day looks thenational capital, therefore this stone on is also called looks theBeijing stone. But present this stone already not that highlighted.
  Some speech everybody certainly knew that, Not to Great Wall non- realman. Introduced a moment ago that many landscape, you are certainlyanxious want to arrive the scenic area to tour, does not use theworry, you also had to become the real man immediately. Good, here isthe famous Badaling Great Wall distant place is the grand scenery, butdownward looked is the Great Wall important constituent old man city,he generally all constructs on the strategic in position keycommunication line. Between old man city two is distanced 63.9 meters,the west gate inscribed horizontal tablet: Key to defense of thenorth, I already have said in front. The east gate inscribedhorizontal tablet is: Occupies the commonplace outside town, themeaning occupies a commonplace outside the passes strategic place. Nowwe looked to the right release that, is ascending Chengkou the southside to exhibit a cannon, named: Invincible might general. IsChong Zhen Year the manufacture.
  The Badaling Great Wall has three two walls compositions, what isthree two walls? Now lets me give everybody to explain, threerespectively are the tower on a city wall, the enemy tower, tower on acity wall structure is extremely simple, only is the officers andsoldiers which guards evades the cold the place. That enemy towerstructure relative wants complex somewhat, divides into two, the lowerlevel is by the field, the well, returns, and so on the glyphcomposes, the upper formation has the crenel and looks the hole isobserves the military situation and the archery uses, therefore herealso has defends enemy's function.
  Under arrived the beacon tower, also is called the beacon-fire, wolfYantai. Is disagrees the Great Wall connected independentconstruction. Once the enemy Attack, lights the beacon-firenotification military situation, the ancient rewards the smoke whichthe daytime lights to be called Beacon-fire, the evening is called the flint.Ming Dynasty time, but also has made the strict stipulation to thebeacon-fire and enemy's relations that, Enemy hundred, burn a smokeartillery; (www.fwsir.com)Five Caucasians, burn two smoke two artillery; Abovethousand people, three smoke three artillery; Above 5,000 people, foursmoke four artillery; Above ten thousand people, five smoke fiveartillery. On through this way, in the border pass military situationcan the rapid transmission palace wall imperial palace.
  Said three, under on said next two walls. The Great Wall flank tallwall is called the wall, has the crenel is uses for to defend theenemy. But the inside insufficient meter high is called the daughterwall, also is called the space wall. In most starts the Great Wallinside is does not have the daughter wall, but frequently some peoplecan fall down the cliff, therefore has constructed this wall. Each notfar has a small drainage in the Great Wall lower part of wall place,rainy day time by spits the tap to outside to drain water, in order toavoid the water washes out the city wall. But inside Great Wall's walluses the stone block to cast, outside builds the brick, again spreadsout the flagstone in above, thus causes the building to be extremelyreliable!