Food and drink Lesson 75-1教学设计示例

Lesson 75教学设计示例

Step 1 Revision

1  Check Homework.

2  Revise the What would you like? dialogue in SB, Lesson 74, Part 2 and ask students about others' choices: What would he / she like? What about him / her? etc.

3 Revise countable and uncountable nouns.

Step 2 Presentation

Ask three students from the class to come up and be an example for “make a survey” in SB Page 13, Part 1. First have S 1 ask S2, What would you like for supper? S2 answers, I would like …. Next, have S3 ask S 1, What would (name) / he /she like for supper? S 1 answers, He / She would like …. Be sure that S3uses the correct pronoun for he / she.

Step 3 Make a survey

1  Have students work in pairs to fill out the survey.

2 Have students switch partners as in the above demonstration, and ask each other What would your friend like for supper? As the students are working in pairs, walk around and make sure they are using the correct pronoun he / she when answering.

Step 4 Presentation

1  Show the students some food items, or pictures of foods (e. g. 3 oranges, 4 eggs, etc.). Ask What's the English for these? etc. Get them to tell you about size, weight, colour, etc. by asking Can you describe them? Are they big /small? What colour are they? etc.

2  Ask How many apples (etc.) can you see? Help them to answer I can see four. Add or take away objects as you ask questions. Explain that How many :..? is only used with plurals of countable nouns, e.g. apples, cakes, bottles, cups, etc. Teach piece(s) .

Step 5 Look, ask and answer

1  Ask How many … can you see? but the answer should be I can see only one / two / three …. Teach I can't see any in the same way.

2  SB Lesson 75, Part 2. Say Look at the picture please. How many … can you see? Help the students to answer I see only …. and I see …. according to the picture.

3  Have students work in pairs and describe the picture to each other, using I can / can't see …. Encourage them to ask as many questions as they can, especially about things they can't see in the picture.

Step 6 Practice

In pairs, have the students do a role-play. One of the students will be a doctor and the other will be the patient. Explain patient. Something is wrong with the patient's eyes. The doctor is checking his / her eyes. As he / she is checking the patient's eyes, the student asks how many … do you see?

Step 7 Game

This game should be played quite fast. Show the students some objects (e.g. 3 bananas) and ask How many bananas can you see? They must answer Three straight away. Sometimes show them some objects (e.g. 4 apples) and ask How many pears can you see? They must say I can't see any. If they are wrong they must sit down.

Step 8 Workbook

SB Page 85, Wb Lesson 75, Exx. 1-3. You may start with Ex. 2 and revise all the food and drink words taught so far. Draw the students' attention to the countable and uncountable nouns. Exx. 2 and 3 both show how to identify the quantity of uncountable nouns.


Write down the sentences in Ex. 3 in the exercise book.

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