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  In modern society, pressure is ubiquitous. As students, we have to endure the pressure from examination, from homework and from our parents’ expectations.As workers, people are faced with the pressure from deadline, from difficulties and from finance and so on. Here I would like to give some suggestions about relieving pressure.

  First of all, to confide to others is an efficient way for relieving pressure. When we feel so anxious and worried that we cannot continue to work or study, go to talk with our friends or family members and we will get some relief and feel better. Second, to do some exercises is another way to relieve pressure. If we are under pressure for a long time, doing some exercises can make us refreshed and regain power to continue our task. Finally, another common way for women to relieve pressure is to cry. The effect of crying is the similar as the effect of confiding to others. After crying, we would find that we are relaxed and then we have spirit to fight against difficulties again.

  In a word, there are many ways to relieve our pressure. But the most important point is that if we cannot solve the problem at once, we need to call off our attention from the pressure we are faced with to other things. Only in this way we would not be entangled with the pressure for a long time.

大学英语作文 篇2

  Should cars be allowed into College Campus?

  With the rapid development of our national economy, private cars have become in large number; of course, quite a few cars are heavily driven into College Campus.

  In a significant way, these cars do not take up students places for study, but actually affect their daily life and study-- for instance, this crowd of cars may make noise and emit filthy gas to choke us to death. And the campus is jammed with lines of cars and seems to be parking lot instead of an academic institute. So cars have been strictly prohibited into many College Campuses. It seems that this is not convenience to some persons, indeed, but this is for the sake of our safety. Thus when someone enjoys convenience from modern tools, dont forget that it is dangerous to the students in the College Campus. Therefore, I agree that cars are not allowed into College Campus.

  By and large, with the price of cars falling significantly, cars will enter average families, and most Chinese will enjoy a luxurious lifestyle in their life. However, they are still prohibited to drive their cars into College Campus, which , I think, is a hard truth in the eyes of most people.

大学英语作文 篇3

  Many young people go to universities without a clear idea of what they are going to do。 If one considers the various courses offered, it is not hard to see how difficult it is for a student to select the course most suited to him。 If a student goes to a university to acquire a broader perspective of life, he will undoubtedly benefit。 Schools often have too restrictive an atmosphere。 Most students would, I believe, profit by the exploration of different academic studles, especially the "all rounders'with no particular interest。They should have a longer time to decide in what subject they

  want to take their degrees, so that in later life, they do not look back and regret。

  There is, of course, another side to the question of how to make the best use of one's time at university。 Some students,who are good at a particular branch of learning, may spend three or four years becoming a specialist, appearing with a first-class Honors Degree but very little knowledge of what the rest of the world is all about。 Therefore there will have to be much more detailed information in all fields。 On the one hand, a band of specialists ignorant of anything outside their own subject, and on the other hand, an ever-increasing number of graduates qualified in subjects for which there is little or no demand in the working world。





大学英语作文 篇4

  With the rapid development of Chinese economic and the improvement of living standards of ordinary people, more and more private cars are on road. Some people think private cars can bring great convenience to the owners while others argue that government should put a limit on private cars. In my humble opinion, we should put a limit on private cars.


  First of all, the more private cars, the more traffic jams. If people stuck on a traffic jam, it will cost them a lot of time, some people even late for work. What’s more,nowadays finding a parking spot is much harder than before because there are too many cars on streets. Sometimes you just arrive at the destination, but you just cannot find a place to park your car. The place is so crowded that you have to park in other place which may be far away from your destination.


  Secondly, the price of gasoline and repairs are constantly rising, not to mention the pricesfor the insurance and the fear of being stolen. If you do not make enough money, you can barely pay for the fees of the cars. This can cause great burdento your daily life.


  Last but not least, the cars produce tens of thousands of carbon dioxide, which will create greenhouse effect and other serious environmental pollution. Some environmentalists predict that in the next few years, the ozone layer will fully disappear and will increase the rate of getting skin cancer. And the air we breathe in is not as pure as before, do we really need to sacrifice our future to enjoy the so called convenience?


  Due to these reason, I think people should think twice before they buy a private car. Weshould not only consider the increasing cost of owning a car, but also should think about the future we have. It’s not only a personal thing, but also the whole country, the whole world.











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