英语高中作文 篇1

  Mid-Autumn Festival symbolizes reunion. Every Mid-Autumn Festival, families sit together to enjoy the moon, eat reunion dinner and eat moon cakes.

  August 15 of the lunar calendar is the Mid-Autumn Festival, the day of the full moon. Mooncakes, egg yolk, Wuren, bean paste, jujube and purple potato have been sold in cakes shops in streets and alleys. My saliva has flowed to my mouth. With a bite, the mooncakes of various flavors are colorful and of different shapes. The moon cakes in the gift box are not only delicious, but also cute. The patterns are pressed like phoenix, dancing and flying freely.

  The moon is round and shines brilliantly. On a clear night, you can always see a few small stars blinking, the moon will give it the most warm smile. In the countryside, you will surely find old people sitting in the shade of trees to enjoy the moon, and children will go home to spend the day with their parents.

  Mid-Autumn Festival is a good day to reunite with family. On this day, the old people will wear a kind smile and their children will be especially happy. On this day, the moon, like everyone else, will give its most beautiful, the most brilliant smile of the year to millions of families!

  Stay here for Mid-Autumn Festival and soak in the fragrance of Mid-Autumn Festival. Give a poem:

  The autumn night is deep and the autumn wind is blowing. Every family has a harmonious atmosphere. They are gathered at the table.

  Appreciating the moon, tasting moon cakes, drinking tea and eating, greeting each other with a smile, beautiful festival.

  Ah! Lovely Mid-Autumn Festival, your good is reunion, your beauty is the full moon, your fragrance is the full moon cake!









英语高中作文 篇2

  many senior school students (高中生) are faced with the headache choice between big universities and small ones。 apart from different requirements, each has advantages and disadvantages。

  if you ask me what my preference is, my answer is that i would like to go to a big university。 a big university attracts me for sound reasons。 more qualified teaching staff, higher aims and better conditions are helpful to students studying there。 what is more, various lectures organized by more colleges (大学里的学院) and departments make students in different majors form all round opinions on things。 and diverse activities enrich students' life after school。 additionally, a big garden campus provides a satisfying environment for studying and living for four or more years。

  though more students might mean more competitions, though i might be a small fish in a big pond, i will be motivated to work harder。 in a big university, i believe, my visions will be broadened, and my college life will be a more fruitful and colourful one。 in word, i am inclined (倾向于) to study in a big university。

英语高中作文 篇3

  I most like my English teacher, he was in our class is the most popular teacher, he teaches us English。He often help us witn learn English and ask us to study hard.And He often about our brilliant smile..

  Our English teacher has a lot of hobbies, including his most good at singing.He loved singing, and he sing very good to listen, we're all very fond of his songs.

  This is my favorite teacher,who is your favorite?




英语高中作文 篇4

  Father was my first teacher and is my dear friend. When I was a little girl, I used to sit on my father's knees, listening to his stories. The story"Two friends and a Bear"told me"a friend in need is a friend indeed."I will never forget the story"Madame Curie"which tells me a truth"where there is a will,there is a way."Father's stories enriched my life and did a lot of good to my growth.

  When I was seven years old,I started primary school.I was young,so my father picked me up from school every day.On the way,I told father everything that happened at school.Father listened carefully and always smiled happily. Sometimes I sang a beautiful song. My sweet and lovely voice gave my father the greatest pride.My father is always proud of me. He hopes I will make great progress in my study. Now I have made up my mind to study harder and harder.

  I'm sure my father's love will lead me to my success and I will love him forever!





英语高中作文 篇5

  Since we were born as a little baby, we get help from others all the time.

  Our parents raise us, our teachers teach us and our friends company us.

  Therefore, it’s important for us to be grateful to those people who give us a hand.

  Being grateful is a way to show them our appreciation and our love.

  No one in the world is supposed to love us without any conditions.

  Moreover, Being grateful to others and to what you get can lead you are ready to help others, too.

  I think this is the most important impact on people that being grateful.

  If we are all show our appreciation to others and then help others, we could build a friendly and harmonious society.

英语高中作文 篇6

  The Dragon Boat Festival ,also called the Duanwu Festival ,is celebrated on the fifth day of the fifth month according to the Chinese calendar.People always eat rice dumplings and watch dragon boat races to celebrate it.

  The festival is best known for its dragon-boat races,especially in the southern places where there are many rivers and lakes. Ití?s very popular.

  The rice dumpling is made of glutinous rice,meat and so on. You can eat different kinds of rice dumplings.They are very delicious.

  And Dragon Boat Festival is for Qu Yuan. He is an honest minister who is said to have netmitted suicide by drowning himself in a river.

  Overall, the Dragon Boat Festival is very interesting!

  The Dragon Boat Festival is a lunar holiday, occurring on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month

  The Chinese Dragon Boat Festival is a significant holiday celebrated in China, and the one with the longest history. The Dragon Boat Festival is celebrated by boat races in the shape of dragons. Competing teams row their boats forward to a drumbeat racing to reach the finish end first.

  The boat races during the Dragon Boat Festival are traditional customs to attempts to rescue the patriotic poet Chu Yuan. Chu Yuan drowned on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month in 277 B.C. Chinese citizens now throw bamboo leaves filled with cooked rice into the water. Therefore the fish could eat the rice rather than the hero poet. This later on turned into the custom of eating tzungtzu and rice dumplings.

  The celebration's is a time for protection from evil and disease for the rest of the year. It is done so by different practices such as hanging healthy herbs on the front door, drinking nutritious concoctions, and displaying portraits of evil's nemesis, Chung Kuei. If one manages to stand an egg on it's end at exactly 12:00 noon, the following year will be a lucky one.

英语高中作文 篇7



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