大学英语作文 篇1

  By saying “Rare as is true love, true friendship is rarer”, Jean de la Fontaine has pointed out the importance of friendship. Nowadays, it seems that people get closer to each other by means of the increasingly advanced communicating technologies, yet the closeness of hearts has in fact been distanced. Therefore, it is high time that we should attach great importance to maintain this precious sentiment.

  Everyone need the warmth of friendship. In good times, friendship is flowers growing fast because we irritate it by sharing our joy and happiness; in adversity, friendship is a dose of consolation since friends are always there ready to help. Also, friendship is the effective lubricator for cooperative organizations, communities and different countries in the process of cooperation and development.

  As friendship is so important in our life, actions should be taken to pursue and maintain it. And it involves trust and honesty in establishing and maintaining true friendship. Frankness and uprightness contribute to a good relationship. Moreover, tolerance and modesty also help promote the closeness of friends. Only by doing these things will we retain our friends and keep the lamp of friendship burning long.




大学英语作文 篇2

  several years ago i was diagnosed with cancer. it was the most difficult time i have ever faced. i think it was my sense of humor that allowed me to hold onto my sanity. like many people who have gone through chemotherapy, i lost all of my hair and i was bald as a cue ball. i always had enjoyed wearing hats, so when my hair deserted me, i ordered several special hats with the hair already attached. it was easy and i never had to worry about how my hair looked.

  i have always been a big golf fan. in fact, i have been to twenty-three straight u.s. opens. at one point during my cancer treatments, my husband john and i decided to get away from the cold minnesota winter and took a trip to scottsdale, arizona. there was a senior pga tour event called the tradition being played, and that seemed like just the ticket to lift my spirits.

  the first day of the tournament brought out a huge gallery. it was a beautiful day, and i was in heaven. i was standing just off the third tee, behind the fairway ropes, watching my three favorite golfers in the world approach the tee bo: jack nicklaus, raymond floyd and tom weiskopf.

  just as they arrived at the tee, the unimaginable happened. a huge gust of wind came up from out of nowhere and blew my hat and hair right off my head and into the middle of the fairway! the thousands of spectators lining the fairway fell into an awkward silence, all eyes on me. even my golf idols were watching me, as my hair was in their flight path. i was mortified! embarrassed as i was, i knew i couldnt just stand there. someone had to do something to get things moving again.

  so i took a deep breath, went under the ropes and out into the middle of the fairway. i grabbed my hat and hair, nestled them back on my head as best i could. then i turned to the golfers and loudly announced, gentlemen, the wind is blowing from left to right.

  they said the laughter could be heard all the way to the nineteenth hole.

大学英语作文 篇3

  With the oil price going up high in the global market,our attention is once again drawn by the energy problem.We have to admit that we're facing a new round of energy crisis.


  Currently,as the industry and agriculture develop so fast, the consumption of energy such as oil,gases or coals is dramatically increasing.On one hand, energy are urgently needed for the economic development.On the other hand,limited and unrecoverable energy, especially fossil fuels like oil and coals,can not offer us adequate supply.How long could the oil be used has been a controversy among the experts.Some think the store of the oil can only maintain for thirty or fourty years.but some other experts who hold an opptimistic attitude believe that the oil we have now are enough to support us for as long as one or two hundred years.Despite whether these opinions are true or not,for one thing we are sure is the situation of energy we're facing is becoming worse and worse.The crisis has alreay come.So we must face it and try to solve it ,because we really dread to think what will become of us if one day we live without energy.


  Though we are aware of the energy crisis's coming,how to handle it becomes another tough problem.Nowdays,many countries are trying develop new types of energy which are clean and recyclable,for example,solar energy,nuclear energy and wind power.We hope, in the near future,these would be the subsititute for the fossil fuels.In addition, another important means is to improve the efficiency of using oil and to avoid extra waste during the process of refinement.Meanwhile,educate people to save energy is also necessary.


  Altogether , it is a movement that needs everyone's participation,for energy has such a close relationship with our daily life.So,come on everybody,it's time for us to save ourself from the energy crisis.


大学英语作文 篇4

  This line chart shows the different crime rates that occur in different seasons. We can see that there is a surprising link between changes in the seasons and patterns of different crimes such as murder and robbery.

  As shown in the chart, the crime rate for murder varies greatly throughout the whole year. It starts to grow steadily from about 15 in January and reaches a high of about 70, 77, and 66 in July, August, and September, with August as its highest point. Then it begins to decrease sharply to a Iow of about 15 in December. This means that there are more crimes of bodily harm in the summer months than in the rest of the months of the year, which may be attributed to the hot and humid weather. In this kind of weather, people can easily get irritated and angry. Robbery, on the other hand, has a different cycle. It varies very little in the year and begins to decrease slowly from its peak of about 55 in January and reaches its lowest of about 30 in the summer months of July, August and September. Then it starts to go up from October and reaches its peak of about 55 again in December. So we are likely to be robbed in the winter months, which can be explained by the fact that it gets dark earlier and the nights are longer. During this time of the year, robbers have longer time to commit crimes at night.

  From the above analysis, we can come to the conclusion that different crimes seem to have different patterns in the year. We should take measures to be on guard for different crimes in different months.

大学英语作文 篇5

  When you visit London, one of the first things you will see is Big Ben, the famous clock which can be heard all over the world on the B.B.C. If the Houses of Parliament had not been burned down in 1834, the great clock would never have been erected. Big Ben takes its name from Sir Benjamin Hall who was responsible for the making of the clock when the new Houses of Parliament were being built. It is not only of immense size, but is extremely accurate as well. Officials from Greenwich Observatory have the clock checked twice a day. On the B.B.C. you can hear the clock when it is actually striking because microphones are connected to the clock tower. Big Ben has rarely gone wrong. Once, however, it failed to give the correct time.

  A painter who had been working on the tower hung a pot of paint on one of the hands and slowed it down!

大学英语作文 篇6

  In modern society, pressure is ubiquitous. As students, we have to endure the pressure from examination, from homework and from our parents’ expectations.As workers, people are faced with the pressure from deadline, from difficulties and from finance and so on. Here I would like to give some suggestions about relieving pressure.

  First of all, to confide to others is an efficient way for relieving pressure. When we feel so anxious and worried that we cannot continue to work or study, go to talk with our friends or family members and we will get some relief and feel better. Second, to do some exercises is another way to relieve pressure. If we are under pressure for a long time, doing some exercises can make us refreshed and regain power to continue our task. Finally, another common way for women to relieve pressure is to cry. The effect of crying is the similar as the effect of confiding to others. After crying, we would find that we are relaxed and then we have spirit to fight against difficulties again.

  In a word, there are many ways to relieve our pressure. But the most important point is that if we cannot solve the problem at once, we need to call off our attention from the pressure we are faced with to other things. Only in this way we would not be entangled with the pressure for a long time.