This year's National Day, I and my father and mother went to the sea of Ningbo Xiangshan, where really fun! We opened the car for seven hours to get there! Where the sea looks dirty, in fact, are not dirty, but those who get the sea to get dirty sand

  We live in the hotel is: 'Seaview Hotel' that is the sea, in fact, can not see the sea. Morning, my father and I swam in the waves of the sea, the whole of the sea only two of us in the sea. We are surfing the sea, swimming, playing, we swim very far, about seven or eight meters, played a total of an hour! After landing, my mother hastened to wrap me up, afraid of my cold.

  There are brave people in front of the road, I have played, but for me is not difficult, but very exciting. Because there is the reason why the typhoon and rain, so early one day back, I am so sad, home on the road to open a six-hour car. But on the way home I also saw: 'Hang Chau bend across the sea bridge' and 'sunset'. Mom promised to go home and take me to a place I have never been to!

  This time I have never been to the place where I finally went, October 5, I and my father, my mother went to the 'Shanghai Wild Animal Park'. We got an hour to get over there!

  We went to the tour bus, to see: lions, tigers, bears and so ferocious animals we went to see the zebra, camels, antelope. Then we went to the 'cheetah district', I saw four are playing the little leopard. And then went to the 'lion', a door, I saw only a lion dangling a prey is swimming, and then saw a female lion, a male lion, they sit back and back, in fact, married The I went to the 'bear', the bear is very large, about two people as big as half a ton! And then swaggering to the front of the car, looked toward the car, that is not afraid of people look like, they may see every day like us the same tourists, right? Then I went to the 'tiger area', and finally went to the 'Liger Tiger mixed area'. All kind of fun, but the following more fun!

  We went to the 'ostrich island'. I give the ostrich to feed the leaves to eat, its mouth also bite my hand, very painful, so I no longer fed. I also saw two ostriches carefully pecked with a sign, painted above the grass and flowers.

  Afternoon, I went to the 'beasts of the show field', where I also ride the elephant. And then went to see the sea lion show. I went to the 'bird park' there are a lot of birds, especially pigeons, I also fed it! And then go and the black bear and shadow, happy to go home!


  I heard that Shanghai is a famous metropolis, I am ready to go there for three days.

  We started at half past seven, a full ride of the morning car, and finally came to Shanghai, the first stop of tourism is Shanghai chocolate happy paradise. Into the door, the door is a large square, the central square has a huge three meters high cream flavor plus chocolate flavor ice cream model, big hot dog model, there is a flower bed. Tour guide for everyone to buy tickets, let us free to play.

  Making the food need to understand the food, so I first went to the chocolate showroom. Wow, there are many chocolate works inside. Talk about the most realistic it! That is - the chocolate Garfield, the author of the white cream outside the color with a delicious orange cream coated, coupled with other butter, looks very smooth, lifelike, but also made a lot of appearance: , Become superman, and female cat friends together ... ... all kinds of beautiful very beautiful. The next one is the fun.

  This time, we have to do donuts. To start the waiter gave me an ordinary donut and a bottle of strawberry cream bottle, I moved to a table, took out the ordinary donuts, and opened the lid of the cream bottle, squeeze the cream, painted To the donuts, and finally, the table out of the chocolate slag bottle, open, sprinkled with colorful chocolate slag, a delicious donut played, watching the delicious chocolate donuts, I am very happy The

  Let's talk about the biscuits, we have three people into the door, looking for a location, the waiter gave us two sticky dough, there is a pole stick. We first grabbed the dough, hard to rub, so that the dough is no longer sticky hand, and then pressure on the stick above the dough, push forward, this has been done, the dough down on the flat. Then, with the side of the plastic bowl model: a butterfly type, bear type, there are five-pointed star, there are Mickey Mouse head and ear type, there are hexagonal type, there are small fish type ... ... All the way, I grabbed a sock-type model pressed on the flat bread, and grabbed the bear, six sides, small fish, five-pointed star, rabbit, Mickey Mouse's head and ears, and so the shape of the model, Pressed up. Finally, the extra bread carefully torn off, kneading into a group, began in accordance with the second step to the last step of the method to do it one after another, until the dough did not.

  I have done a lot of works, there are cotton candy, pizza and colorful chocolate.


  I remember a year of summer vacation, my father said to take me to climb, I heard, happy jumped three feet high, because this is my first mountain trip.

  We came to the foot of the mountain, I took a long breath, looked up, ah! The mountain is like a tall giant standing. At this time, my heart has a kind of inexplicable pressure, that the mountain is too high, if not climb how to do ... ... a series of worries are in my heart there.

  Began to climb, and at the beginning, I easily climbed for a while, that climbing too simple. At this time, my father said to me: "Do not you boast there, or else we come to a climax who climbed to the top, okay?" I waved, disdain, said: "Well, one So that we will continue to climb, but the disaster appeared, I just climbed to half of the distance, the legs began to Pain, and suddenly, my feet like filling the lead, no longer walk, but I turn to think about it, I do not want to be a showdown with my father? I must insist and then insist, let my father lose Convinced. I will stand up again and move up quickly. Can just climb half, just feel that they have been exhausted, ready to retreat. At this time, my father saw my mind, came over, meaningfully said to me: "children, do anything to be persistent, can not give up halfway, you must rely on their own strength to climb the top." I listened Dad's words, deep feeling, who seems to have a strength, I rally again, once again climbed up, this moment, I remember my father said to me, bang, all of a sudden climbed to the top.

  I stood on the top of the hill, looking away, I saw the beautiful scenery. I can not help but recite it: "For the poor Qianli, more on the floor." At this time, my father also climbed up, happy to say to me: "Son, you win." This time, although I am tired Unfortunately, but I passed my own efforts to be successful.

  Through this mountain trip, I know a reason: work must be persistent, beginning and end, can not give up halfway, responsible, will be nothing.


  I remember the sixth grade when the National Day holiday seven days off our family ready to travel to Luoyang tourism, usually we rarely go out this time finally can go out to play for a while.

  Eleven finally arrived, we packed up something, ready to travel we 7:00 on the train, the driver prepared almost half an hour, 7:30 departure, the trip is very long, to the afternoon to, when we sit a few Hours of the car, approaching 2:30, and most of us are sleeping, but it is this time more and more dangerous to happen, suddenly the car shook the two, we quickly got up and found a crash, we are afraid The car to burst, we rush to get off, people are smashing the window, the windows broke open people continue, when to me, I am very careful, I do not know why suddenly someone pushed me behind, I suddenly Jumped down, only go without any feeling can be a while I found hot, I look, ah! Put on a broken big hole, then my father came to see my wound immediately from the pocket out of a large toilet paper, my hand wrapped up, after a hospital ambulance came. We have been received by the hospital after some treatment finally cured, just to wrap gauze.

  Then we are still happy to go to Luoyang important attractions: Longmen Grottoes and White Horse Temple, and then the next afternoon we do the car back home.

  Although out of a car accident, but we are still very happy to play, as "survived, there must be after the blessing" Well!


  In an inadvertently, I opened the space tunnel. A strong force will be involved in me, I fly fly ah. Looking at the front of no margin, I want to finish, go back. Suddenly, I stopped, though I stopped in a future world, but I found that Arabic numerals and Chinese characters were still in use. so good! I will inevitably have some luck.

  I continued to walk, feeling at the foot like stepping on cotton candy. When I came to a school, I saw everything changed. A building has become a piece of big cream cake. Students do not have to go upstairs, there is a button on the bag, a press, flew into their own classroom. Do not eat breakfast at home, come to school wherever there, pull a piece of want to eat, at the foot of the step does not matter, because the foot is 100% clean shoes. I came to a classroom, get out of class time, the teacher click on the red button, the classroom all the tables like trapped into the quagmire as a trap. Amazing! Wait until the class, the teacher press the green button table all out.

  At the door of a fast food restaurant, I found a table next to only two pieces of glass, and nothing else. Curiosity made me have to go in and see. I walked into the door and sat in a chair. The glass next to the table is strange and has two buttons. I pressed a bit, the glass appeared on the front dishes five products: 'Longfeng Chengxiang', 'Hong word chicken cucumber', 'Fu word melon burnt ridge,' 'million words spicy belly silk', ' 'I pressed the green button, all these things on the table. I finished eating that this is Manchu full of food. I'll go ahead and finish. Went to a children's shopping mall.

  There are a lot of toys, there are riding can fly the bike, as well as robot mother, I think this is because Mom and Dad did not have time to take care of the child looking for 'nanny' it!

  I went to buy clothes in the mall, when the door with a ray of red line from your body passing, will feel what you want clothes, suitable for what clothes to wear, within 5 minutes can make 50 out of the clothes, any of your selection.

  I went to a travel agency, but now the human is not just going abroad so simple, they go to Mars, Mercury, Saturn, etc., really wonderful ah!

  The future of the world is really wonderful, I wake up in the morning, only to find this is a dream, hope in the near future, this dream will become a reality


  Summer, sunny and sunny. My father and dad, and my father's friends and their families to play with Cangshan.

  We drive from Huangyan on the high-speed, after more than an hour's driving, to the sea. On the way through a lively road, that there is just today "market".

  We sat in the car and came to the uphill road. Where the mountain can be really "plate" it! The car's "tail" suddenly thrown from the side of the side, like the "s" shaped the same. Because the mountains around to go around, engage in a few children to motion sickness, we often rest. The car opened for ten minutes and rested for a while. To the mountainside, seeing the distance above only a little bit, but the traffic is a long time. Suddenly on the road, I saw a lot of cow dung. "See! Cow dung!" I screamed. The car drove open, unknowingly, we came to the top of the hill. I estimated the time, from the foot of the mountain to the peak actually opened for almost two hours!

  We first finished the lunch in the hotel at the top of the mountain, looked out the billboard, which reads: Cangshan is located in Taizhou Linhai territory, the main peak rice sieve waves, elevation 1382,4 meters, the first peak in the southeast of Zhejiang. We also visited the "Millennium Dawn Monument" which is the first ray of sunshine in the new century, the first place to shine. Everyone took pictures in front of the monument.

  We seem to come to the top of the cloud, Wow! Good air fresh! From the top of the hill from the top down to see, so high ah! Like the cliffs of the same peak. I think: from the top of the mountain fell, people will certainly be crushed. Then we saw a lot of windmills, all in rotation, but there were a few winds up and did not spin.

  We drove the car and came to a place called runway. On the way, we thought there would be a big prairie, and there might be a few horses on the run. After that, I am stupid. There is only one open space, not even a pony. The ground is covered with weeds, short, and dense. There are a lot of cow dung on the ground! Originally, here often cattle to graze. Here is standing a very tall windmill, the truth stood a giant, a huge cylinder is the body of the windmill, we three or four people can not hold it! Here is far and near, full of windmill shadow. Look, there is a cow in the distance in the gnawing of the grass, but not see the shadow of herdsmen, presumably cattle owners do not have to worry about cattle will escape or lose streak. We also accidentally found that the grass inside also grow a few mushrooms, look very nice, very fresh, it should be toxic it

  Finally, we came to a place, here depending on the home of a family, there are a few family dog, eyeing our arrival, very scary. Under the car, we went to an abandoned scenic area, unmanaged look. There are several villas that have been built here, the rooms are ready, the bathroom and so on are readily available, in addition to no bed outside. Villa house design and construction of a very good, but it is abandoned no one living, the door is open, no one cooking, it is a pity! The air at the top of the mountain is very fresh, the foggy, the temperature is also very comfortable, summer is a good place for summer. Along the way, we see a lot of cattle, are free to eat grass or wandering. There are a pile of dung dung

  One day the journey so far, we went down the car. Home on the way, asleep, really comfortable! Has long been through the winding road, wake up after the already on the highway, also to avoid the Panshan, motion sickness.

  Linhai Cangshan really beautiful ah! I love you. The next time I will come back to the summer, or maybe it is to enjoy the beautiful winter snow it!


  Today, as people live a better life, they chase for more enjoyment.

  We can see from the news that when the holiday comes, there are so many people gather in the scenery site. People like to travel today, they can take a plane, take the bus or even take a bike. On my opinion, the best way to travel is by train.

  First, it is very cheap. Compare with other ways, such as plane and bus, train is less expensive, people can save a lot of money.

  Besides, taking the train is much safer.

  People don’t have to worry about crush, which is more happen in the plane or bus. Second, we can enjoy the scenery in the train.

  Though the train is very slow, we can have a good sight of the beautiful scenery, when we go to Tibet, we can see different colors and different mountains during the trip. Taking the train is the best way to travel.



  When holiday comes, thousands of people pour into the tourist sites, they want to relax themselves and enjoy the beautiful scenery. But Chinese people have a bad habit, they like to leave some notes on the site, proving them have been here before.

  Such a behavior has been criticized by the public, because the leaving note will damage the preservation of the tourist site.

  Most of the tourist sites are part of our country’s historical relics, these sites are priceless, it is everyone’s duty to protect the sites.

  When we go to travel, we should behave ourselves. First, we need to have the idea that no rubbish being leaved behind when we leave the site. We should take away what we bring, keep the environment clean. Second, no any notes being written in the sites. Though in the old days, Chinese workers like to leave their names on the sites, but now it is a new world, we need to behave ourselves.





  This summer holiday, I went to Dalian with my family. We got there by air. Dalian is a very beautiful and modern city. On the bus, we could see all kinds of buildings which were great.

  In the morning, we got to the hotel where we lived. After breakfast, we began to our travel. First we took the bus to the Sea Park. There are so many different kinds of fishes that I couldn't believe my eyes. We also saw the show of dolphins. Then we had lunch in a restaurant. The seafood which was very famous in China was delicious. After lunch we went swimming. The sea was blue and beach was golden. We all enjoyed ourselves in the sea. Finally we went back the hotel where we lived. We had a happy day

  In this trip, we also went to some places which were interesting and famous in Dalian, went shopping and so on.Several days later, we left Dalian. On our way home, we were very happy. This was the reason why we didn't feel tired. In all, we had a good holiday


  It was already late when we set out for the next town, fifteen miles away on the other side of the hills. It got dark soon; we drove fast along the narrow winding road that led to the hills. We couldn't identify any sign of the town marked on the map. Suddenly the car stopped. We had run out of petrol. Therefore, although we had little food with us, we decided to spend the night in the car.


  Our meal finished very soon. I went to sleep at once. But my companion Bill who was a poor sleeper went for a walk up the hills. From the top of the hill he saw the lights of the town we were looking for. We unloaded all our luggage and pushed the car to the top of the hill at once. Then we went back to the luggage, loaded the car again and set off down the hill. We reached the town less than a quarter, and found a hotel quite easily.


  How an exhausting day!