The Spring Festival

  Far and away the most important holiday in China is Spring Festival, also known as the Chinese New Year. To the Chinese people it is as important as Christmas to people in the West. The dates for this annual celebration falls on the lst day of the lst lunar month. Generally speaking, the timing of the holiday varies from late January to early February.

  Spring Festival is the most important and popular festival in China. Before Spring Festival ,the people usually clean and decorate their houses. And they go to the Flower Fairs to buy some flowers. During Spring Festival ,the adults usually give lucky money to children. People often get together and have a big meal. Some people eat dumpling for dinner. People also stick on couplets and set off fireworks to celebrate it.

  .Spring Festival has a long history. It is said that people keep the monster----”nian”, a fierce animal, away from our villages and our homes. So to celebrate Spring Festival means to pray a happy and a peaceful life. I like Spring Festival!







  As the most important festival in China since ancient times, the Spring Festival is always being excepted by we kids. Because we don't need to do any homework during this time very year.It's really a precious holiday for us. And our parents are free from their work too. We go to our grandparents' to get together with them to enjoy the moment when the new year comes.

  Although the Spring Festival is only 15 days, if the Spring Festival can be longer, I will be more happy.




  My hometown is in Sichuan, there is its own unique custom, the Spring Festival is very lively!

  On the first one or two days of the new year's Eve, the adults began to be busy: buying chickens, buying fish, and buying ducks... Every household must clean up the house, clean the house, stick the couplet and hang the Lantern... It was filled with rich years of taste.

  New year's Eve, everyone around the table to taste the delicious family reunion dinner, a night without stop, the sound of firecrackers, filled with a happy smile on his face, everybody does not want to sleep, are looking forward to the staying-up late on new year's Eve, new year to come.

  On the eve of the new year's Eve, the beginning of the month was quietly coming from our side. The big people said: this day can not be swept, the broom should be hidden, let the garbage come down, not let the wealth sweep away. In the evening, children will give their elders kowtow elders to pay New Year's call, give children send money year - is the "gift money" means a new, rich margin.

  The Lantern Festival is the end of the Spring Festival, but it still has a comparison with the new year's Eve. The joy of the Chengdu Temple decorated everywhere, bursting with happiness. Here is the dragon, Phoenix Lights, lamp, lamp, lamp in gossip...... There are a variety of special snack "three guns", Mutton Cubes Roasted on a Skewer painting, sugar and so on, the temple there are many real curios, play, and enjoy. These features, every kind of goods, dazzling, dizzying!

  In the blink of an eye, the Spring Festival is quietly passing, and we have a new year in this happy and peaceful day!


  Also sent a day have a New Year's day, mom to I bought clothes, shoes is bad, because before my uncle gave me a pair of high boots, I not wear, uncle is called back in a pair of, can now also didn't get back. Suddenly, my uncle was coming from the door, took my shoes, I'm a grabbed, try and wear out, but I just put on, I don't feel the width of the shoes for me, my feet in it, I quickly took off his shoes, and my uncle say or not to wear the shoes, but my uncle said: "no, I have to change the big yard!" I faltered and said, "but... But...... How do I feel... Well, there's no difference." My uncle said that the shoes would be so wide that I had to wear them.

  At noon, we eat chicken and the food is abundant. After I had finished my meal, I looked out and the neighbors were letting off firecrackers, so loudly that the children in the street covered my ears, including me.

  In the afternoon, I took a shower with a leaf. My grandmother told me to take a bath and put on my new clothes. I took a bath after my grandmother's words. Can I wear clothes, suddenly feel the thick clothes are good wow, it is hot today, I check out west to look east, finally found a thin piece of new clothes, or I will be hot dead!

  In the evening, I want to go out to play, but grandpa and grandmother are not allowed, they say that the New Year is coming soon, and the children have a lot of children, I can't help it, I have to stay at home obediently.


  After the Spring Festival, the street is busy. Today, I came to the street with my father and mother. People come and go in the street. Some children are running on the street with balloons, and some children are playing firecrackers. The shop is very beautiful brightly coloured, a superb collection of beautiful things!

  We come to the square. The square good lively! A car, a gun, and a kite, can be fun. I hastened to pull my father, sit in a car, "beep" and start to move like a small general. There are many firecrackers on the square, there are also a lot of firecrackers, fireworks, fireworks variety, good riotous with colour, look! Mom and dad bought me a big round red balloon, I walked, while playing balloon, our family to play for a long time did he go home in the street.

  In the evening, the uncle took us to dinner, and we came to the uncle's house. See Uncle they do all kinds of dishes: chicken, cabbage soup, carrot, and meat, a lot of...... We sat on the table for a long time before we finished the meal. After dinner, some of us watch TV, some play mahjong and are very busy.


  Spring Festival

  spring festival is a traditional festival of chinese people. it is on the first day of january, namely the first day of new year.thus, chinese think spring festival very important. on this day, people always set off fireworks and firecrackers, watch spring festival evening , and paste the spring festival scrolls on the door. families sit together and celebrate the new year.


  You really have a great love for the Spring Festival. Because you can paste Spring Festival couplets, watch the Spring Festival gala, visit relatives and friends...

  Remember last year Spring Festival comes, I at home to learn to write couplets, I stood watching the adults write couplets, see their hand writing brush, dipped the dip in ink, and then wrote several characters on red paper. I can't remember the exact details. That one was so neat that I met my uncle and said, "can you teach me to write couplets?" I remember very well the father said, "would you use a brush? Do you know how to write couplets? I shook my head and said, "no." So he said, "you're a year older this year, and you won't even be able to use a pen. I'll teach you a few tricks while you're at it." Hearing my uncle, I jumped with joy. Uncle told me to sit up straight when writing and not to lie on the table. Then tell me in detail how to use the brush. Listening to my uncle's words, I finally learned to use some of the most basic methods of writing brushes. Then the uncle asked me to write a few words for him to see. I wrote five words: "I love China most". Write the crooked, probably just use the brush! "The uncle smiled and smiled." the handwriting is good, but it is not straight." So uncle taught me again: "write each word is not to use the same power, in writing, every word with power to weight change, such written words have change, more looks is more beautiful. The uncle said and wrote a few words for me to imitate. Looking at his uncle's writing is quite comfortable. I tried to write a few words in the manner of my uncle, and I was really improving, much better than what I had just written, and I was very happy. My uncle also told me that writing should be often practiced and more imitated. The more you write, the better you write.

  During this Spring Festival, I learned a little bit of writing brush stroke skills, which is more pleasant than lucky money, and more affordable.


  New Year is a traditional Chinese festival. Everyone is excited about the New Year. And every family is dressed up. Some put New Year's couplets on the doorposts; Some have beautiful window flowers on the Windows, and red lanterns hung from the houses.

  This year, my mother took me and my good friends to the park in zhongshan park.

  In the air cushion paradise, there is a lot of people, but there are many activities. My friend and I were so happy that we hurried to the event. We first came to the rock climbing area, and when it was my turn to climb, I pulled hard up, always faster than my friends. But suddenly the cushion was deflected. Almost threw me down, and I grabbed my teeth and held on to the rope, then worked my way up until I finally got to the top. I think: as long as the effort will be successful.

  We were in the hovercraft again, and I was driving around, bumping into my friends, and getting dizzy with my friend. We were having a good time when it was time to return to shore.

  Then we played the snake cave, the emergency, the monkey tree, and so on.

  My friends and I are very happy and feel that the New Year is very meaningful.


  New Year

  Chinese New Year is the most important, interesting festival in China.

  Before the Chinese New Year, everyone is very busy. They want the Spring Festival to be a new beginning, so everyone is busy cleaning the room. They keep the room tidy. This is the first thing to welcome the Spring Festival.

  The elderly take children to buy snacks and fireworks. But parents just stay at home to make tasty meals for dinner. On the evening of New Year’s Eve, my parents and my sister have dinner with me. We have a good time. After dinner, Oh! Yeah! My father is ready to give us red pockets. Oh, how nice the red pockets are! My sister and I both all say, “Peace all year round to my parents! Now, give us red pockets.” My parents give us the red pockets at once with a smile on their faces.

  What a wonderful time we have!

  I think “Everything goes well” this year!








 Today is the first day of the first month, everywhere brimming with a festive atmosphere! See families are decorated, door with Spring Festival couplets, balcony hanging red light, the relatives get together for the family reunion dinner, a toast toast blessing after the work is smooth, the study progress, family happiness! On the way, people dressed in festive costumes and dressed up to visit their friends and relatives, the Spring Festival composition 600 words. We are no exception! Mom and dad took me to visit my grandma's house. All in! Two uncle, two aunt, three uncle, three aunt, aunt, uncle, and cousin, cousin, even younger sister this "little" also come to join the fun! Adults sit on the sofa chatting, watching TV, and we children hand in hand to the room, playing "hide things" games.