Step Away From the Video Games(远离电子游

      Step Away From the Video Games
     Every afternoon hundreds of thousands of youths flood Internet cafes, switch on a game console, or otherwise sit down to involve themselves in intense fantasy worlds. I'm talking about video games; games like Counter Strike, Diablo, Smash Brothers or Halo. These games can be fun and exciting, but we need to watch out for when this pastime becomes an addiction.
     Games are often incredibly exciting and dramatic, but they generally aren't very intellectual. We don't learn as much from them as we would simply reading a book, and spending too much time playing them can take away from our study time. We need to remember that we are students first and foremost. Nothing should ever get in the way of proper studying.
     Video games can also be a bad influence on younger children who may be watching. Many video games are violent and the object in most of them is to kill the other player(s). This does not send the right message to the children who need to be told that violence is not acceptable and need to be taught how to handle situations maturely. Even if we do decide ourselves to sit down and play a violent video game, we need to make sure that it is not influencing the younger people around


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