With the development of science and technology, change has penetrated into every aspect of our daily life. to illustrate that, i'd like to make a comparison of these two seemingly insignificant things: milkman and mailman, whose differences indicate our changing way of living with the times.

  Home milk delivery has almost gone extinct in china now, also gone with it are the milkmen, who once delivered bottled fresh milk door-to-door. on the other hand, mailman's business or the courier service has thrived as online shopping gains popularity. however, in retrospect, i find something has been lost in this transition, something shakespeare called as “the milk of human kindness”.

  When i was a kid, milk wasn't for sale everywhere. for the families who need it, they depended on the milkmen to take it from the local dairy farms to their houses. in our neighborhood, there was such a milkman, whose arrival was much anticipated by the children and always brought us laughter and joy. he knew the name of every kid and could easily see through our tricks. if we didn't behave, he would side with our parents and threaten to rob us of the nutritious drink. the entire neighborhood was acquainted with him; saw him as a member of the community just like the many residents or street vendors. there was a bond between all of us for it was not only the commodities that been transacted, but also a sense of caring and dependability. and that small box fixed onto our door, other than being a drop-off point for milk; it was a communication junction between the people as we took the initiative to reach out to others.

  Fast forward to today, milk is ubiquitous with no dedicated delivery system. but the convenience level of our live has gone up a notch. almost everything is for sale online, which spares us all the travelling and talking. with a few ready clicks, shopping is done. the rest is left for those speed delivery companies. usually it's a grumpy mailman, who reaches us through cell phone, urging everyone to pick up their parcels as soon as possible. and the minute the receipt is signed, we rush back to unpack while the courier dashes to the next destination. there is barely a conversation carried out, nor do we feel the need to talk to such a stranger, who changes from time to time frequently. it seems that people are always in a hurry now, though we have more conveniences, still we run short of time to stop and stare, to speak and share.

  Call me an old-timer, but i think the personal touch represented by the milkman is what has been missing in the modern society. william wordsworth once wrote that “getting and spending, we lay waste our powers.” modern technology may have multiplied our possessions or gave us more conveniences, but we run the risk of reducing our values if we lay waste our power of interpersonal relationships.


  Nowadays our living standard and economic globalization improve gradually, while people pay less and less attention to our patriotic education. Some people think it's a peace world now, so we don't need such strong patriotism any longer. Also many young people adore the west countries but look down upon our own country. Are these opinions true? I think they couldn’t be more wrong.

  China is a great nation. We should be proud to be Chinese .Each of us ought to have a patriotic heart, because patriotism is very important. First, patriotic education helps us have a better understanding of our history and politics. Second, it promotes us realizing our responsibilities. We are hopes of our country and we are promises of our families. Third, it let us have confidence in ourselves and understand the importance of ourselves. And the most important is that patriotic education provides us youth a good motivation for studying .In other words, it makes us study harder and happier.

  Patriotic education is a necessity for everyone. Especially for us youth, we should develop patriotism since we were young.

  For one thing, we ought to publicize patriotic education as much as possible. For another, our governments and enterprises need to open many more patriotic education centers. As with our schools, they may offer more patriotism curriculums.


  I love the school, if say my childhood like a string of shells, then I think the life of the school in the XXX is one of the most beautiful one. I have learned a man I love the school and learned a lot of knowledge, I am here to grow up happily. I love the warmth of the big collective, united as one love it, love its elegant environment, love its rich variety of activities. School students to participate in organized competition, students are encouraged to register; clean up the campus health, we are all hands-on; the establishment of extra-curricular groups, everyone fighting over who gets to participate. So one thing left me with an indelible impression.

  Also remember that it was New Year's party in 20xx, when Classroom layout looks extremely beautiful! The color bars covered with colorful classroom on the blackboard the words "Happy New Year" a few characters, the following horses are running in the lovely painted pony, glass puffing "Happy New Year" message. The General Assembly began, me and Liu Yunpeng as a moderator to tell you solemnly announced: " 'New Year's party now!", The students were performing a self-compiled dance, little drama, poetry recitation, heartily express our joy. Applause, laughter break out. We also conducted a lot of interesting games. Suddenly, the door opened, Zhao Shu Yi Smiling mother holding two box cake walked. "Oh, the cake myself!

  "Everyone cheered excitedly." Sub-cake now! Let us cheer -! "Liu Yunpeng joyfully waving his hands, said. Suddenly, a wave of cheering audio-visual sea wave after wave. Yu teacher gently lifted cake boxes. Wow, this cake is so beautiful! Green kiwi fruit and orange, pineapple pieces and the bright red "Happy Birthday" Picture with exceptionally good-looking. Yu teacher was showing the knife, the cake into pieces and handed us one. mouth constantly spoke words of blessing. I took the cake was so excited. I know that this cake means that we have entered a new year; we grow up, mature and become more intelligent, and Should be more sensible, more know for others services.

  At first, we just do not understand what happened to Xiao Maohai, and now we have become the school's Big Brothers Big Sisters of the. This requires the teacher's education is inseparable from the cultivation of the school. The sound of this song and laughter, we ended the New Year get-together. I saw the smiles of the students are extremely happy heart. Ah, such a collective, so how can I not love it, how can we not feel happy? I love my group, I love my school, because it is full of joy. Here I grow up happily! If you ask me, how kind of your alma mater, I will proudly say to you: "It is my heart's paradise!"