课题:comic strip and welcome to the unit




  3.词汇: none, order, tin, pizza, enjoy doing…., chinese food, play badminton, love doing…, watch films, a tin of dog food, order a pizza



  1. how much money do they have? _____________________

  2. where does eddie want to go to buy food? _____________________

  3. what does eddie want to do with one yuan? _____________________



  1去超市_________________________ 2 饿了 ____________________________

  3多少钱_________________________ 4 多少听狗食_______________________

  5订一个比萨饼___________________ 6计划一些活动______________________

  7看电影_________________________ 8 喜爱打羽毛球_____________________

  9.去不同的中餐馆_________________ 10 带他们去运动中心_______________

  二. 根据句意和首字母填空

  1.the question is very easy,but n________ of us can answer it.

  2. let’s o________ some cakes and fruit.

  3. we’ll go to the c_________ to see that wonderful film.

  4. i love w__________ ball games.

  5. they will go to the shopping m_________ to buy some clothes.

  6.can we buy the food ________(用) so little money?

  7. i can’t find my walkman. ________(也许) i left it in the classroom.

  8. he enjoys __________(吃) chinese food.

  9. i think we can go there by . (地铁)

  10. walk along the road (直到) you see the post office.

  11. there are only two (听,罐) of coke in the fridge.

  12. i can’t find my walkman. (也许) i left it in the classroom.


  一 用所给词的适当形式填空

  1. none of them ________(be) from the uk

  2. would you like _________(go) to the sports center with me?

  3. there are at _________(little) XX students in our school.

  4. jane likes shopping. she wants to go to the _________(shop) mall.

  5. a group of exchange students _________(visit) the great wall now.

  6. there ________(be) much money in my pocket.

  7. the students ____________(plan) an activity at the moment.

  8. he loves _________(play) basketball. let’s ______ (go) ______(play) it.

  9. i would love ________(play) football this afternoon.

  10.the teacher tells us ________(work) hard.

  二. 句型转换

  1. uncle wang may be at home.(改同义句)

  ________ uncle wang ________ at home.

  2. i have two cartons of milk.(对划线部分提问)

  ________ ________ ________ of milk _______ you have?

  3.carol has three bottles of orange juice.(同上)

  __________ __________ orange juice _________carol ________?

  4.all of us like this comic book.(否定句)

  ________ _______ ______ ______ this comic book.

  5.there’s no dog food.(用not改写)

  there ________ ________ dog food.

  6.we have only 3yuan .( 对划线部分提问)

  _______ _________ _________ do you have?

  7 we can buy 3 tins of coke with 20yuan. (提问)

  _______ _______ ________ of coke can you buy with 20yuan?

  8 maybe there is a football match between our classes.(同义句)

  there _______ ________a football match between our classes.


  1. 我可以点一份比萨和两听可乐吗?


  2. 你的运动鞋花了多少钱?


  3. 你有多少钱啊?


  4. 我喜欢打羽毛球.


  7b unit 2 sunshine town

  课题:reading (1)


  1. 读懂文章,了解阳光镇的基本情况。

  2. 复习和拓展有关生活方式和活动的词汇。




  1. where can we go walking? _____________________

  2. what can you see there? ______________________

  3. do millie and simon live on the same building?

  4. what can you buy in the shopping malls? ______

  5.what else can we cat in sunshine town? _______



  1. 西餐厅___________________ 2. 唱京剧______________________

  3没关系__________________ 4.找到所有的纪念品________________

  5. 教你英语_________________ 6. 教你学英语 ____________________

  7. 在正确的地方 ______________ 8. 逛街,买东西 ___________________

  9.吃北京烤鸭________________ 10.我们中的大部分人 ________________


  1).you can shop u ____ten o’clock.

  2).there are lots of good shops in the c____ of our town..

  3).the water in the lack is very d______.

  4).it will ______(花费)an hour to go there on foot.

  5).my school is ______(靠近)to my father’s factory.


  1.a: excuse me,how can i get to the nearest hospital?

  b: let me _____ _____ the way.

  2. a: there’s a new supermarket near our school.

  b: ______ great. let’s have a look and do some shopping there.

  3. a: is your school far from your home?

  b: of course. it _____ about two hours to get home by bus.

  4. a: w ______shall be there ?.

  b: a______ 8:30 tomorrow. i’ll meet you at the entrance .

  5. a: have a great t_______, bob.

  b: ______ .



  like , closed , shop , get to , school , opens , in the morning , at night , go to work , a lot of things , go to school, in the evening , go home, many people

  i work in a small ______ .it ’s near an english _____ .every day the students come to buy _______, i get up at six and then i have my breakfast . i ______by bike . i_______the shop at about six fifty . the shop_______at seven .we sell things ________food and drink .we have school things ,too. so there are often ______ in our shop form morning to evening.

  i have lunch in the shop. at seven _______,the shop is _________ .all of us _____for supper.


  1.他长大后想成为一名好厨师。 he ______ to ______ a good ______

  when he _______ ______.

  2.如果你病了,你得看医生。 you ______ ______ see a doctor ______

  you ______ ______.


  if it ______ ______ tomorrow, we ______ ______ you to the palace museum.


  you can chat with these ______ ______ in putonghua ______

  you ______ ______ english.


  the baby ______ ______ crying ______ his mother ______ ______ home.


  it is such ______ ______ ______.


  ______ the teacher ______ ______ the office.

  = the teacher ______ ______ in the office.


  1. where ________ your sister ________(teach) english?

  2. my grandpa ________(come) tonight.

  3. tell him ________ (not look) out of the window.

  4. we won’t go to nanjing if it ________(rain) tomorrow.

  5. he finished ________(read) the book and passed it to her.

  6. it’s very important ________(learn) all the subjects well.

  7. i spend much time________(do) my homework every day.

  8. there’s a watch ________(lie) on the ground.

  9. we ________(see) beijing opera at the local theater last night.

  7b unit 2 sunshine town

  课题:reading (2) 第3课时


  1. 通过图片来复述课文内容;通过练习加深对课文的理解。

  2. 学习知识点和重要短语。

  3. 词汇: none, order, tin, pizza, enjoy doing…., chinese food, play badminton, love doing…, watch films, a tin of dog food, order a pizza


  sunshine town is a new town in beijing. it is only 40 minutes ________ the _________of beijing by___________ . there is _________ air ___________ in it than in other areas in beijing. many students live in tall __________. they are _________ to their friends. they don’t ________ to go far if they want help ________ their homework. there are ________ of shops in the centre of beijing. you can shop _________ ten at night. _______ you don’t like chinese food, there are lots of ___________ restaurant too. why __________ you visit the local _________? you can enjoy beijing opera.



  ( )1. she has few friends, _______ she?

  a. doesn’t b. hasn’t c. does d. is

  ( )2. if you don’t have enough rest, you _______ ill.

  a. maybe b. are c. may be d. may

  ( )3. hello, tom! would you please _____ with me?

  a. go b. to go c. going d. for going

  ( )4. you must’t eat anything _______ you see the doctor.

  a. because b. if c. when d. until

  ( )5. he is more friendly ______ i think.

  a. after b. because c. than d. then

  ( ) 6.there are lots of things _______ today.

  a. do b. did c. doing d. to do

  ( ) 7.if you don’t like chicken, you can have beef _______

  .a. instead b. instead of c. of d. in

  ( ) 8.how much milk is there in the bottle? there is _______ .

  a. no b. none c. not d. any

  ( ) 9.the new bike _______ me 260 yuan.

  a. took b. spent c. cost d. left

  ( ) 10. it takes 30 minutes _______ a bicycle from my home to school.

  a. ride b. riding c. to ride d. rode


  1. t______________ is a place for people to watch plays or shows.

  2. mr. smith t ___________ us math in sunshine school.

  3. my mother goes to work by u_____________.

  4. i buy many s_____________ in the palace museum of beijing.

  5. there is less air p___________ in sunshine town than in other areas of beijing.


  1. 天气这么好, 为什么不去散步呢?

  it’s so fine today. why _________ you go __________?

  2. 这家超市到晚上九点才关门.

  this supermarket _________ _________ __________ nine o’clock at _________.

  3. 我家靠近学校,我不必乘公共汽车上学.

  my home is _______ _______ our school. i don’t _______ _______ _______ a bus to school.

  4. 这个瓶里的水比那个瓶里的少.

  there is _________ __________ in this bottle _________ in that one.

  5. 从南京到上海乘公共汽车大约三小时.

  nanjing is about _________ __________ __________ by bus.



  in england, people do no usually talk very much. you can go on a bus, or in a train, and everyone sits looking out of the window. often they read. they read books and papers. but they do not talk much.

  when you meet english people, they often talk about one thing---the weather(天气). so when you meet someone in england, you can say, “nice weather for the time of year!” “but it was a little cold yesterday.” someone may answer.

  “but it got a little warmer later!” you can say.

  if you talk like this, the english will think, “how friendly you are!”

  ( ) 1. english people often _______ on a bus.

  a. read b. talk c. sing d. stand

  ( ) 2. english people often talk about the _______ when they meet.

  a. news b. sports c. books d. weather

  ( ) 3. when you meet someone in england, you may say “______”

  a. what’s the time? b. fine day, isn’t it?

  c. where are you going? d. how are things with you?

  ( ) 4. the english ________ when you talk about the weather with them.

  a. will think you are very friendly b. will think you enjoy the weather

  c. won’t think you are friendly d. won’t think you enjoy the weather

  7b unit 2 sunshine town

  课题:vocabulary 第4课时 __




  3.词汇: waiter, shopper, sick, hospital, learn, cashier



  1. teach _________ 2. cook ________ 3.wait ________

  4. shop _________ 5. cash ________ 6. dance _______

  7. work _________ 8.drive _________ 9. play ________

  10. swim _________ 11. sing ________ 12. jump _______



  1. _________ it’s a place to borrow books.

  2. _________ people keep their money here.

  3. _________ you can buy stamps here.

  4. _________ you can take a bus here,

  5. _________ a place to see a film.

  6. _________ a place to go if you were sick

  二、 根据句意和首字母提示完成单词.

  a w______ is a man who serves(服务) people in a restaurant.

  when people are ill, they often go to a h_______ to see a d______.

  a t_______ is always trying to give the students much knowledge.

  a n_______ takes care of the s________ people in a hospital.

  if you buy something in a supermarket, you should give the money to the c________ to pay for the things you buy.



  1.what about________ (order) some fish?

  2.he __________ (finish) the work in five minutes.

  3.could you help me with the_________(wash) tomorrow?

  4.let’s wait until the rain _________(stop).

  5.mary likes going ________ in this _______, so she is an important _______ in it.(shop)


  1. miss wang is a cashier.(提问)

  (1)________ ________ miss wang?

  (2)_________ _______ miss wang _________?

  2. we can go to a restaurant to have a meal.(提问)

  ________ _______ we go ________ have a meal?

  3. my mother is a worker.(提问)

  _______ is a teacher?

  4. i want four bottles of milk.(提问)

  _______ _______ milk do you want?

  5.the police station is only 5 minutes from the museum on foot.(对划线部分提问)

  is the police station from the museum on foot?

  6.there is nothing in the box. (改为同义句)

  there in the box.

  7. why don’t you come to our party? (同义句转换)

  _________ _________ __________ to our party?

  8. this town is only 10 minutes from my home by bike. (划线提问)

  ________ ________ is this town _________ your home by bike?



  his mother _______ ______, so he _______ _______ look after himself.


  a school is _______ ________ _______ to study.


  ________ ________ _________ live in a place _______ _______.


  her sister is a ________, she isn’t ______ _______ ________.


  a theatre is a good place _______ ________ ________ or a show.


  is your mother a _______ or_______?


  he _______ to _______ a good _______ when he _______


  you _______ see a doctor _______ you. ________ ________









8.七年级英语 Lesson 9