Food and drink Lesson 74教学设计示例

Lesson 74教学设计示例

Note: If you want something, say I'd like … when asking for it. I'd like = I would like. If you want to offer something, say Would you like … ? What would you like?

Step 1 Revision

1 Revise food and drink words.

2 Revise breakfast, lunch and supper.

3 Check Homework.

Step 2 Presentation

1 Tell the students they are in a restaurant. You are the waiter. Ask What would you like? Teach I'd like …, please. Say Here you are. Get the students to practise in pairs.

2 Ask some pairs to act out their dialogues, then ask What would he / she like? Help the students to answer He / She would like ….

Step 3 Practice

Action chain:

A: I'm hungry/thirsty.

B: What would you like?

A: 1'd like some rice / bread / meat / a bag of milk / a bottle of juice, etc.

B: I'm hungry / thirsty.

C: What would you like? etc.

Step 4 Presentation

1  Teach Would you like a cup of tea / bag of milk / a glass of water? Use flashcards (or real objects) and gestures. Help the students to answer Yes, please. Then help them to say No, thanks.

Note: In an English speaking country, if somebody asks you Would you like something to eat / drink? the response is Yes, please. /No, thanks. They usually mean what they say. It is unlike in China where the Chinese would say No, thanks. even if they are hungry or thirsty, to show politeness.

2  Repeat using some cakes/meat/rice, etc. Explain that some is used for plural nouns and uncountable nouns. Explain uncountable. Give examples in Chinese. Do Wb Lesson 73, Ex. 2 again and revise all the uncountable nouns taught so far.

Step 5 Ask and answer

1  SB Page 12, Part 1, Speech Cassette Lesson 74. Books closed! Say Listen, please. Ask What would the boy/girl like for breakfast? Play the tape. Check the answers (a glass of milk, some cakes and an egg).

2  Play the tape again and have the students repeat.

3  In pairs, have the students read the dialogue and substitute the appropriate words from the boxes for the words in italics in the dialogue. Be sure to walk around the class and give help as needed. Encourage the students to say what, they think. Add more food and drink words if possible. Optional words and expressions are not required in the exams. If there are difficulties, avoid the optional vocabulary.

Step 6 Read and act

1  SB Page 12, Part 2, Speech Cassette Lesson 74. With books closed, have the students listen to the tape. Say Listen, please. Ask What would the people like to drink? Check the answers (a bottle of apple juice, and a glass of orange juice).

2  Divide the class into groups of three. Explain in Chinese that the woman is a saleswoman.

3  Give the students time to read through the dialogue and practise acting it out. The students do not need to keep the dialogue exactly as it is, but may substitute other foods or drinks for the food and drink words in the dialogue. Have several students act out their dialogue for the class.

Step 7 Workbook

SB Page 84, Wb Lesson 74, Exx. 1-2. After reading through the dialogue in Ex. 1, the students should answer the questions without looking at the text. Get some pairs to give their performance when they have prepared their dialogues as required in Ex. 2.


Revise the new language in this unit. Finish off the Workbook exercises.

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