Food and drink Lesson 73教学设计示例

Lesson 73教学设计示例

Note: To suit the needs of different levels of students, the SB provides additional words in the optional parts marked with asterisks, e.g. Page 11, Part 3 of SB Lesson 73. If your class is not ready for them, do not require your students to learn the optional words. The additional words are not required on the exams.

Step 1 Revision

1  Revise telling the time. Practise What's the time? It's a quarter to /past seven. or six forty-five /seven fifteen. It's time for …. It's time to ….

2  Revise favourite. Practise What's your favourite colour / book?

3 Check Homework.

Step 2 Presentation

Bring in the following objects, or pictures of the objects: rice, bread, meat, cake, a cup of tea, a glass of water, a bottle of juice and a bag of milk.

Books closed. Do not open them until Step 4. Teach hungry. Say: I am very hungry. I would like some rice. Teach rice, bread, meat and cake using either pictures or the real objects. Ask Are you hungry too? What would you like? Explain the meaning of this question. At this stage it is enough to have the students understand it. They may answer the question by saying some rice/bread. Teach thirsty. Now say I am thirsty, I want a bottle of juice. Teach a cup of tea, a bag of milk, a glass of water and a bottle of juice using pictures or the real objects. Ask Are you thirsty too? What would you like? The students should answer I want a bag of milk / a glass of water.

Step 3 Practice

Action chain:

A: What's the time?

B: It's 12:10.

A: Oh, it's time for lunch. I'm hungry.

B: Have some rice / bread / milk …, please.

A: Thank you.

B: What's the time?

C: It's 6:30.

B: Oh, it's time for supper, etc.

Step 4 Read and say

1 SB page 11, Part 1, Speech Cassette Lesson 73. Books closed! Say Please listen for the answer to this question. Ask What time is it? Play the tape and check the answers. Then play the tape again for students to listen and repeat.

2 Now have the students practise reading the dialogue in pairs.

Step 5 Presentation

1  Books closed! Using the objects and pictures again ask What's this in English? It's rice. What is it? Explain in Chinese that the article a is only used with a container, e.g. a bottle of / a cup of, etc., but meat, bread, etc. have no a because they are uncountable. See Pages 174-175 of the SB for reference on grammar.

2 Repeat with What are these? They're cakes /bottles of juice. What are they? Explain in Chinese that words like cake, cup, bottle, glass, etc. are countable. Say two bottles of juice, three cups/ glasses of water, not two bottles of juices, three cups /glasses of waters.

Step 6 Read and learn

1  Read the words in Part 2. Students repeat. Let them study the words for a short time. Then books closed! Ask What things do we eat? What things do we drink? Help the students to remember the new words. Get them to add more things ( apples, bananas, etc.) and to use bottles, cups / glasses of, some, etc. Get the students to say bottles, some bottles, three or four bottles of juice / water, etc.

2  If time allows, have the students work in pairs and write a dialogue of their own using the dialogue in Part 1 as a model. Encourage them to use the food and drink in their own dialogue.

Step 7 Ask and answer

1  SB Page 11, Part 3* is optional. If you think your class can benefit from this, you may take up this part. Use pictures or flashcards to teach hamburger, noodles, potato chips, dumplings, coke, apple juice and coffee.

2  In this activity, the students need to get out of their seats and walk around. Have the students ask five students, preferably, students they don't usually talk to in class, what their favourite food is. Give the students about 10 minutes to do this activity, then have them return to their seats. Ask several students what they discovered. For example, ask Lan Wei, who did you ask? What is his / her favourite food / drink? Have the student answer as follows: Her / his favourite food / drink is ….

Step 8 Workbook

SB Page 83, Wb Lesson 73. Exx 1-3. Ex. 2 helps revise countable and uncountable nouns. When doing Ex. 3 remind the students to use the plural form of countable nouns to refer to the category. Ex. 4 is optional.


Do Ex. 1 of Wb Lesson 73 in the exercise book.

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